Staff Writer, @LBullockPoetry

Lauren is a writer, performer, and reincarnated sailor senshi. She enjoys long walks in the woods and fighting crime as a costumed vigilante of many aliases.

Editor, @jordanmcalhoun

Jordan is an NYC-based writer, performer, and cereal chef. He is often found running through dark places or freestyling 90s television theme songs. He might solve a mystery, or rewrite history.

Editor-in-Chief / Co-Founder, @willevanswrites

William is the third of his name, Warden of the Midwest and Protector of the Realm. A scribe in many forms. An Ohio native by way of Wakanda. He married the real life Storm and apologizes to you all for the frequent thunderstorms.

Staff Writer, @OGQuanKinobi

Ja-Quan is a dedicated NYC teacher, hip hop artist, chef and insatiable socialite. Could be found out mingling with fashionistas in SoHo or at an Astoria brewery pounding SingleCut beers. Diversity is my game, unless we’re talking Super Smash on N64.

Staff Writer, @snoozedesigns

Anissa (Snooze) is an artist, gamer, and animator that was born in Canada and raised by wolves. When she is not blasting heads off of zombies, she is rewriting history with the Brotherhood of Assassins. She is currently on a never ending quest to find all 7 Dragonballs.

Assistant Editor / Co-Founder, @OmarHolmon

Omar is a writer, performer and Tumblr connoisseur. When not doing what real thugs do he can be found petting hippos.

Editor, @RealNicoleHomer

Writer. Teacher. Nerd. Mother. Backyard deer watcher. Stovetop popcorn popper. Tiny house enthusiast. Treehugger. Gardener. Curmudgeon. Part Roseanne Conner, part Sarah Connor. Curator of an immaculate sock collection. Listener to the white noise. Find her at patreon to see what poetry/maker antics she’s up to. For all your other low key stalking needs, she lives/hermits online at

Staff Writer, @DirewolfinRVA

Monica is currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is an African American Studies and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies double major. When she’s not doing her school work, assisting in crushing the patriarchy, or wishing she could speak French, she is reading good literary works, browsing Tumblr, and shopping.

Editor, @LEHLight

Leslie is a writer, mother, and editor, a damn good cook and a pathetic housekeeper. She’s a published short story author and has written her first novel — The Queen of Hunger — available through Amazon. While she loves all things nerd, she’s very tired of Wolverine.

Staff Writer, @letsgetfree13

Oz is a writer, blogger and poet based out of Houston, Texas whose weekly blog has been praised by David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil). The three time Thumb War world champion’s goals include writing his first book and ensuring the survival of John Connor.

Assistant Editor, @DivineBlkPearl

Carrie is a P.Y.T. hailing from California who grew up on the X-Men and will side eye you if you have magical girl slander, especially Sailor Moon. She’s still waiting on that Wonder Woman movie while dreaming of the day she’ll be able to travel as the Doctor’s next companion.

Contributor, @MicWrite

Chace is a writer, performer, & graphic tee maven by way of Detroit. His claim to fame is achieving 100-hit combos on his enemies by repeatedly pressing the STUNT button & being the one of only four legendary Shade Pokemon.

Staff Writer, @izettanicole

Izetta Nicole, Columbus, Ohio born and bred, is a full time sister, daughter, teacher and friend. She catches feelings for children’s lit, trilogies and seasons 1-4 of Doctor Who, because… Rose Tyler. Izetta enjoys being an activist for public education, engaging in the art of poetry and long walks to the kitchen with her cat Eve.

Staff Writer

Rosemary is a writer, tutor, and proud Hufflepuff. In her spare time, she read, cosplays, and explores every inch of Witcher 3’s kick-ass map. She is notorious for accidental team kills and blames her poor eyesight and questionable depth perception.

Staff Writer, @mayabphillips

Maya is a poet, journalist and blade-slinging god of war. She’s judging your anime choices right now. She believes in space westerns, time travel and costumed crime fighters. Oh, and she’s over 9000.

Staff Writer, @kreid_c

Keith is a writer, professional binge watcher and a fifth generation Chicagoan. As a rediscovered nerd, you’ll likely find him simultaneously playing catch-up and keep-up in the world of comics, anime and wrestling.

Staff Writer, Video Editor @xeno_m0rph

Ivelisse is a gamer born into a muggle family. Goes by the name Xeno on YouTube where you can find her making videos for fun. Always geeking out over figures and the latest tech. Witness her as she reaches for the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

Contributor, @PhaxSimile

Whitney is a writer, performer, and wrangler of small children (including one of her own). When not being a professional safe space, she can be found handcrafting amazing things simply for the helluvit and being the Vault Hunter your Momma warned you about.

Staff Writer, @BrittanyActs

Brittany is a writer, actress, keeper of 90s theme songs, & future Lord of the Fire Nation. Catch her laying waste to all challengers in Soul Calibur or taking over Instagram 1 selfie at a time. Get traught or get dead.

Staff Writer, @IamTheDeadPooh

Will found the Dragonballs and wished for a Deadpool movie. He enjoys gazing at the sunset while listening to the Real Folk Blues. Would marry Sailor Mars or X-23 if given the chance.

Contributor, @Thulibird

art time awesomeist, full time human being & always South African, Thuli is a gin connoisseur, teller of stories & purveyor of fine quality hugs.