Power Man and Iron Fist #15 Review

Writer: David F. Walker / Artist: Sanford Greene / Marvel Comics

Alas, we are here, at the end of the road good people. It’s been a hell of a ride for the revitalization of this duo. Throughout, Walker was able to stay true to both the history of these two characters and give them a new modernized voice. We talk about these being street level heroes, but this is one of the first iterations I recall where the city of Harlem was a character in addition to our protagonists. In addition to that, Walker was able to revitalize a number of all but forgotten characters like Alex Wilder and Black Mariah. But also, let’s hope that Senor Magico gets more run in future series.

In the finale, we got a resolution to Wilder’s quest to be Grandmaster Street Magician and the origin of where the title came from. And what that shit includes. It ain’t pretty. I mean dude got a demon speaking through his chest. In the end, our heroes prevailed, but not without some big self reflections, specifically from Dany Rand’s perspective. While its sad to see this book go, the ending really does feed into the two heroes having their own solo ongoing series and wraps up about as nicely as it can.


Also, Greene, has been doing and continued to do great work on this book and setting the visual tone. Even with all the fantastical shit going on, the book always felt rooted (which in essence made the magic feel even more overt, appropriately).

Its sad to see this book go, especially with its creative team, but they gave us a nice, localized ride for the time being.

8.8 Long Embraces out of 10

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