Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli / Marvel Comics

Dan Slott has Spider-Man’s number, y’all. This dude knows Peter Parker inside and out, and is methodical with his pacing of this story. I feel like we’re getting vintage Spider-Man; Spider-Man that’s stepping back in the booth to record a new album with his high-end status quo but letting the public know ain’t a damn thing change. Peter’s still the same kid from Queens shittin’ on villains since ’62. Enter Zodiac. This dude has been bringing it to Peter for weeks on end and we finally get to see them duke it out… sort of. Parker is down and out on his web fluid and banged up having just fallen out of low orbit.

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On top of that, Zodiac is exposing Spider-Man’s biggest weakness: innocent bystanders. This dude is letting the Zodiac key rang out and bang out up in France like he’s in a State Property movie. Throughout this issue, Spider-Man is constantly saving bystanders with crossovers and dives. Zodiac has the upper hand throughout this entire issue and as Spider-Man chases him he finally finds out Zodiac’s true identity and calls in his biggest asset to help him navigate how best to move in. Slott is doing the Lawd’s work this issue, man. It’s fast paced with a lot of movement and great dialogue. Parker is continuously pushing himself as a hero through this entire cat-and-mouse scenario and we see the toll it’s taking on him and his body.

Speaking of, visually seeing the toll this is taking on Spider-Man, let’s give credit to Giuseppe Camuncoli on the track. This issue is visually vibrant and I love the contortions and movements he has Parker making when he has the mask on. Camuncoli is the perfect tag-team partner for Slott on this book. Don’t even get me started on how he’s making the background of all this foreign cities pop just as well. Amazing Spider-Man is flames and continues to be so yet again.

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