Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Matteo Buffagni / Marvel Comics

Peter Parker quotes his Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility” motto more than Zaheer recites bars from Guru Laghima. This has been the quote tatted across Peter’s belly since his debut, yet as we’ve followed his international adventures as Spider-Man and CEO executive we notice the effects of Parker’s tunnel vision from his mantra. Parker is facing off against Mr. Negative again and needs a cure for his negative touch, ordering his co-workers to come up with some solution to this immediate threat. Of course this is needed, but when a breakthrough in curing cancer is what’s being stopped for this more immediate threat, we’re starting to see just how Parker is focusing on the short-term goal instead of the big picture.

Slott has done a great job at making this angle to Parker’s decision making as CEO and Spider-Man as the underlying side story among his run ins with villains over the past seven issues. We’re now starting to see the effect of Parker’s decisions as well, pushing co-workers toward a path they wouldn’t have normally tread had Parker taken more time to listen to them instead of funneling his resources toward Spider-Man’s obstacles. This is all happening while Parker is thinking he has this multitasking down to a science.


Mr. Negative’s return is plotted perfectly as we see him home and in his element, as well as the motives for the assassination he is plotting. When Negative’s “better half” re-emerges, Mr. Negative leaves a very persuasive olive branch for his future actions that his good side can’t refuse. Matteo makes the scenery and night life look incredible, but the true shine comes in his action sequences of Spider-Man fighting with Cloak and Dagger. The way he depicts Spider-Man swinging through the city makes you forget that we’re over seas and not in New York, which is an incredible feat.

There wasn’t a truly huge moment this issue, but the development of the story, Peter as a CEO, and the actions that Parker’s employees are being forced to resort to still makes this a strong issue and an enjoyable read.

8.3 Negative Patches out of 10

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