Writer: Gabby Rivera / Artist:Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle /Marvel Comics

I dunno how many of y’all are fans of Vic Mensa but he has a mixtape called “There’s Alot (sic) Going On.” I feel that should be playing in the background as you read this latest installment of America Chavez. Chavez is coming to the aid of the Chavez Guerrillaz and fighting the monster from issue #1 all over again. This time around Chavez realizes punching won’t solve the problem which prompts her to use her newfound powers of time travel to get to the root of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 9.56.59 PM

We were promised new powers from Chavez going into the series and here we witness them in use repeatedly. Exactly how these new powers work or began to manifest all of a sudden is still not revealed to us, so much as the fact that this seems to be fate for Chavez. We get a lot of her supporting cast playing a part of the battle as well, each bringing their own unique talents into the fray.

One of the best things about this book is the art work. Quinones and Doyle can legit start a clothing line for America Chavez through Marvel. Her outfits are pure flames each issue and her shoe game remains unchallenged. Throw in the different stylings of every cast member and you got a book truly geared for the youth.

There’s finally an interaction with the shadowy figure that’s been in the background “guiding” Chavez. The confrontation isn’t what you’ll expect and leaves more questions than answers.

7.6 Fly Wrasslin’ Costumes out of 10

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