Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mikel Janin / DC Comics

First off, apologies for missing Batman #10. To cut to the chase, that issue was very strong and deserves a 8.5/10. Batman’s on a mission to return the favor after Bane practically split him in half so many years ago. But only if he has to.

But not, for issue #11, which is the next installment of the “I Am Suicide” arc that appears to get better with every issue.


After spending one night working his way out of Bane’s cage, Batman is fully prepared to follow through on his promise of breaking his back. For help, he has the team he assembled in the beginning of the series to try and get the Psycho Pirate to freedom so that he can relieve Gotham Girl of the psychological trauma he’s responsible for starting in the first place.

But, as I’ve said in past reviews, the legend of Batman is pretty much at maximum capacity. And if watching professional wrestling has taught me anything, when one person is that over (read: popular), it’s their job to bring other people along for the ride. In issue #11 of Batman, Catwoman’s getting the rub needed to remind everyone of how compelling and complicated a character she truly is. [Also, she’s part of a very exclusive group of badasses that can scale an entire building with a torn ACL.]

There are only about five pages in this entire book that don’t feature Catwoman, which makes it clear that this issue is all about her. Everything that she does is in line with what the character’s been presented to be over the years. Fans love her because she’s not a hero or a villain. She’s just trying to walk the line and not fall off the tight rope. And her actions in this issue directly reflect that.


9.0 out of 10

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