Black Panther vs Deadpool #3 Review

Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith// Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz// MARVEL

The story of Jack O Lantern. Oh this is great. Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween same jawn. Now in the first issue of BP vs DP we knew this was coming. (Our beloved Wade Wilson outlined it, in his famous fourth wall breaking fashion). A common enemy that causes both sides to ignore their differences and destroy the oncoming enemy. There are a couple of things I’d love to break down in this issue.

The Obvious Christmas Dream

We know bout that nightmare before Christmas jawn. We see that merger here because this is “technically” a holiday issue except we are definitely inspired by a different timing. The nightmare before Christmas is essentially another part of that BP vs DP outline. Deadpool is clearly the nightmare (the best indicator is a zebra head attached to his arm like a ligament). Black Panther is essentially the Christmas because he was trying to figure out what part of Wade’s DNA could essentially help further the lives of his people. (Almost like a creepy gift). So the introduction to Jack O Lantern is not only a a hilarious insertion of holiday distance, but an introduction to the purposes of our protagonists.

Headless Nick Strikes Again

Ah man. These headpuns are killing me. It was well thought through. I should’ve realized they were head-ing there. (Insert guilt ridden BA DUM TSS here). What I loved about those puns and the artistry always highlighted that fact. What I feel is extremely important to pay attention to is how the “head” essentially where the control center is, is brought out in different ideologies.

Deadpool having his regular head and Zebra head. A zebra head which is always dysfunctional, throwing up and essentially only useful when you’re hitting things with it. Jack’s head. Jack O Lantern knowing to have a head that is detachable while Jack takes on multiple identities. And then there’s T’Challa. The “head” of Wakanda, where he always has to be thinking ahead or be in the right mind.

If there was one thing that Ortiz’s depiction of heads in this comic taught me, is that our minds travel across minor details that aid bigger ideas. The writing brought forth various ideologies in regards to this subject, but the weight and movement of the heads themselves actually helped. Whether people’s heads were being cut off or it was glowing with the rest of their body, or if it was standing in a specific way in accordance with their body.

This issue had this weird obsession with heads that brought both the artistry and metaphorical word play together. The “Christmas Dream” versus the “Halloween Tricks” is a great embodiment of a metaphorical BP vs DP even if their targets are not each other. This comic was both an interesting trip and a great reflection on the embodiment of word and art cohesiveness.

9.1 Lethal Mind Games out of 10

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