Black Widow #6 Review

Writer: Chris Samnee, Mark Waid / Artist: Chris Samnee / Marvel

Y’all muh fuckas goin’ start paying homage to the gawd of espionage. Y’all going start kissing the wrist shooters. Y’all goin start standing outside of Marvel’s office building demanding a movie for Natasha Romanova. We saw last issue that certain decisions made her task for Weeping Lion go to shit. They made good on their promise and snitched on a huge detail from Widow’s past (I didn’t think it was really that bad, but meh). Tony Stark, however, didn’t agree with ’em cause that shit DIRECTLY effects him. Tony is hunting down a beaten and broken Widow for answers. When Tony finds Widow and starts demanding answers for her actions, actions that cost the world years of technological advancements, oooooooooh lawd, this is where the fun begins.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.45.44 AM

Waid and Samnee are at the peak of excellence in delivering new life into Black Widow. What’s great about this issue is that we see Natasha down and out, broken, but then the way that shit flips on us? The way the writing and the art give way to Natasha’s plans is something you don’t see coming. I love that. Sometime as a reader you feel you can catch the predictable. You can not with this series. I repeat, you can not with this series, yo.

We also get to see the truth behind The Weeping Lion as Natasha has a confrontation with him. I won’t get into the details of that but you’ll mos def want to catch it. Samnee, as usual, does the damn thing on art. Just like he did on Daredevil, finding his own unique way to visualize DD’s radar sense, we see the same here. Samnee does great detail in visualizing the little quick-witted action Natasha takes in fights, those little details that make her better than the best spy/fighter that jumps to mind.

We’re six issues deep and showing no signs of fuck shit happening at all. Black Widow is that series. Yall need to be up on it, like now.

8.7 Costume Changes out of 10

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