In response to the staggering election results in which many members of marginalized communities experienced how disconnected they were from their fellow citizens as the country elected bigotry and hatred; Black Nerd Problems put out the call to hear how people were coping. Here is a collection of short essays on what we’re doing, just to get by.

The Threat:

Sushi / Twitter: @sushicake2020

A Black bi woman, very uncomfortable with a Trump America

As a Black bi woman, I already had my work cut out for me in the next few years now that Stapled Quickweave was president. The time of reblogs and well-meaning gestures was over. There was work to be done. Honest work. I realized that this country didn’t care about me, but not just me…my family, my friends, and many of the people I looked up to.

I donated to Planned Parenthood (which they will try to shut down), and started buying Black-owned products with what little I had as a college student.

I worked on projects that I loved, and I refused to do anything other than that. Every piece of work I was afraid of posting because it’d seem “too gay” or “too much” or “too political” had to be out there. I drew what I wanted and poured myself into every comic/artbook/cartoon I ever loved, breaking it down and figuring out why I loved it.

[quote_right]I needed to see Kaneda take on Tetsuo, Kiki save Tombo, and Korra kicking ass with all her fine (af) friends.[/quote_right]

Because I needed it. Because I needed to see Voltron form, to see the Teen Titans take on Slade, to watch Team Dai-Gurren pierce the heavens. Because I needed to see Kaneda take on Tetsuo, Kiki save Tombo, and Korra kicking ass with all her fine (af) friends. I needed it for my mental health, I needed to finally see what kind of artist I was, and what I was really.

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I stripped all the pretenses down and all the insecurities I ever had as an artist. I combined my art life and my political life because that’s all I really can do. I might as well. If they think I’m a double-teaming, angry, over-sensitive n*gger b*tch, fine. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about me.

How can my work affirm their identities in a world that will strip it away any chance they get? How can I be that break from this scary world for them? How can I show them that despite everything that will happen, to not give up? And how can I do this all with just a tablet pen? Because it’s not just about me and my self-care.

It’s what can I do for others.

Because doing for others is my self-care.

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