Champions #12 Review

Writer: Mark Waid / Artist: Humberto Ramos / Marvel Comics

This. Was. My. Shit. This was a great issue that highlighted Scott Summers and I live. This issue is pure character exploration and tackles a lot of the history with Scott Summers’ lore as a character. We all know him to be the authoritative figure of the X-Men, Mr. Responsible that never cuts loose. Well, the Scott Summers we knew of grew into that — there may be time for this time displaced (and still very much alive) Scott Summers. We open up the issue seeing the Champions going wild with Karaoke (making a vow to speak of this to no one) and while everyone cuts loose, we see Scott Summers sitting to the side and watching his teammates enjoy themselves.

The Champions are still getting to know one another as a team but Scott Summers being the rigid member of the team is pretty much the given amongst all of them. The team then interrupts an attack by Psycho-Man and when Scott’s gets a reverb from Psycho-Man’s weapon that manipulates emotions, he goes from rigid to manic. Summers repressed feelings, emotions, and moods come out at full blast throughout this entire issue. I really enjoyed seeing this side of Cyclops as I’m a big Scott Summers fan as well as a fan of showing off more sides of Summers that wasn’t really afforded to him in his early years with the X-Men (till the Astonishing run, I’d say). There’s so much bias against Cyclops but this right here was a great look at Scott in his youth and why he is the way he is.

Waid managed to really make Cyclops’ power way more of a disability on his part which makes him keep himself in check, aware that he is a teen with the power of a nuke in his head. All that’s keeping that power in check are ruby quartz glasses or his battle visor. Summers is very much aware he isn’t in control and I say Bast damn. To be that young and aware of your situation, that’s a lot of a burden to have on you. Scott’s teammates come through this issue in keeping him and his moods in check. They get to see all the sides of Scott that they thought they never would as he is still functional even under all these mood swings. Ramos’ artwork in this issue showcases just how powerful and dangerous Cyclops’ optic blasts are. Ramos gives us levels with the width of the blasts, the range, and volume. This shit is hard man, I know I’m fanboying a bit but to see one of your faves get that well-deserved look under the microscope that will help make them more well rounded (and give you ammo the next time someone comes for my your fave)…that’s the best.

Waid and Ramos continue to be a great team together especially when highlighting the team together or individually. It’s like seeing a character on a couch in a session of therapy. While this issue mostly serves to grow Scott as a character it also serves as important reading for the end, to see how the team sees him afterward. Listen man, Cyclops my mutant, I hate he had to get the raw end of the deal. Spider-Man (not the one on this team, the Parker one) always says “with great power, there must come great responsibility.” In Scott Summers’ case he got a great power that continuously strips away all the norms most take for granted.

9.3 Beats a Day for Three (Scott) Summers out of 10

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