CrossWind #3 Review

Writer: Gail Simone / Artist: Cat Staggs / Image Comics

Here we are in the 3rd issue of a 6-issue-arc, and let me tell you, it is deeply satisfying. Like as satisfying as watching Nazis get punched in the face, satisfying. If this is the middle, then the climax will be amazing. But we knew that. Getting right to the review…

The issue opens up with Juniper (in Cason) terrified as the FBI shows up.


Juniper spends this first half of the issue observing as the madness unfolds. Siggy killed that guy (that’s what they call him — that guy) and now the FBI is here to investigate. Cruz of course is in favor of killing the Feds. Siggy has no opinion other than the fact that it isn’t his fault. Juniper manages to talk the situation down, at least until Cruz abandons them to save his skin. That guy is a piece of work and I can’t wait till Juniper spends her first kill on him. Sorry, Cruz’s messy death is on my wishlist. That’s one of the best things about this comic, it has me maintaining a list of people I want to see punished with religious precision.

The Cason half of the comic starts at the top of that punishment list, as he hunts down the two bullies who stole step-son Kelly’s red bike.


Yeah, Cason is brutal to the extreme. But he has a core of justice that he exhibits as he terrifies the bullies — or maybe it isn’t justice. It is hard to say what drives him at this point. Is he just doing what he would do? Defending his “masculinity” or teaching Kelly how to “man up”? Why does he care? It all hints to a deep well of purpose in Cason the assassin, but we’re still not sure why. What is sure is that his understanding of male behavior makes him effective.

Back at Juniper’s, she’s climbed down the fire escape and run face to face into the FBI. What transpires is pure confusion for her, but does hint for us again at what Cason is up to. But again, she doesn’t solve any problems or do any aggressive action, she just watches as the action unfolds. She finally takes her own action after he’s escaped the Feds… when she agrees to a night out with Mika, her mistress.


Her motivations up until this point have been pure survival, but now, now she’s starting to get into living someone else’s life, the escapism, the release. In her mind, maybe she finally has a chance to be free?

One of the tricks of this book is that both of the trails of the plot end up with Juniper’s liberation. Juniper in Cason’s body is finally being treated well. Juniper’s body, with Cason driving, is finally handing out satisfying vengeance. I’m sure the story won’t remain this twisted fairy tale for long, let’s see where the Simone/Skaggs team takes us next month.

9.5 Don’t Call Me JuneBugs out of 10

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