Daredevil #597 Review

Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Stefano Landini / Marvel Comics

Daredevil #597 is the latest installment of the “Mayor Fisk” storyline. Last month’s issue ended with the exciting cliffhanger of Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin, offering Matt Murdock, Daredevil, the position of Deputy Mayor which Matt eagerly accepts. This month, we are graced with a story much more Matt than Daredevil. Fisk unveils his unorthodox choice to the city of New York in classic politician fashion.

Both Murdock and Daredevil’s companions are struggling to figure out what to make of his decision, as both egos are well-known opponents of Fisk. Murdock himself begins to understand the role Fisk’s office has planned for him. As Daredevil, our hero runs into an ally from a previous adventure with news regarding a truly sinister antagonist they took down in the past. Working together to predict where the villain plans to strike, the target of his attention becomes abundantly clear.

The Murdock/ Fisk Press Release

Daredevil #597 struggles with a gap in quality between the writing and the art. Charles Soule weaves an interesting, multi-layered story that keeps me eagerly snatching each issue off the shelf to devour. But in a comic that is abundant with conversation between characters and lacking in costumed action panels, it becomes apparent that artist Stefano Landini struggles with faces. Without the heavy darkness of a cityscape to allow for the playing with shadows that can give Daredevil a menacing, dramatic look, the faces are just rough to look at. It is a great shame, indeed, when compared to the art on the cover.

Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo drew a great main cover: Murdock and Fisk in the foreground exchanging a handshake while their shadows are locked in fierce combat. The art teases what could have been an impressive, twenty-something pages. With a different artist scheduled to continue the next chapter of our tale I’m hopeful for a solid, all-around book in February.

Foggy to Matt: “What the Hell is Wrong With You?”

6 out of 10 Weird Chins

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