Deadpool Assassins #2 Review

Writer: Cullen Vunn / Artist: Mark Bagley / Marvel

Musical Murder

Deadpool never fails to make murder sound like a symphony. Deadpool Assassins comes back with the same gore and wit as the last issue. What I always enjoyed about Wade Wilson is his artistic killing methods. There has never been an issue where I didn’t laugh at the way someone gets injured; or say wow, what an interesting way to die. Deadpool Assassins shows him in his true form. Witty, killing people (with an intricate artist taste), and of course with purpose. Though our anti-hero is known for these assassin jobs and getting that quick cash, his moral code is where it’s at. He only kills those who “deserve” to be killed. Hey, that’s subjective but he got it together. In this issue we get to see his morals tested.

Who doesn’t love to see a man that’s quick with his gun, rearrange what it means to stay loyal to a belief system? Violence in spite of, becomes a clear challenge for Mr. Wilson. I am excited to see how he attacks it.

Drag The Body Bags

Me after the 10th page: I wonder, how many pints of blood he could fill? I love it when the art backs up the content. The way that the blood hugs, slithers, and splashes made me cringe. It’s almost like the blood got its own personality and I. Am. Here. For. It. The cost for blood is the main component to watch out for in the series. Not only does the blood glisten, it matters. Deadpool sheds blood for money, but at what point does it become costly to him? If it goes against his code. One could almost guess how much evil a character has committed due to the way they splatter across the page. The artists captured the body in its most vulnerable form. I appreciated the text to artistic content, even more, when I noticed how Deadpool wears someone else’s remains.

The writing has not failed to deliver. Cullen Bunn’s interpretation of Deadpool not only gave me chills but an added respect. I was always a fan of DP, but this gave me an extra opening for appreciation. The complexities of his character is always a mystery because you always get his comebacks, but you don’t always get the essence of his work. We tend to see Deadpool create awkward situations for himself after going on a murder spree. What we see here is DP tackling what he needs for himself versus what is accepted around him. That are you a hero vs villain argument, overplayed. What we see here is a, “What would my blood be worth if I go against my own beliefs”?

10 Pulsating Hemoglobins out of 10

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