God Country #6 Review

Writer: Donny Cates / Artist: Geoff Shaw / Image Comics

Emmet Quinlan continues to showcase how his arms were never too short to box with a god. We’re reporting live, dead center in the Kingdom of Forever for the final boss battle. Aristus is still on Earth explaining what things may come to Ray and Jenny’s daughter. There is a strong possibility her grandfather, Emmet, isn’t coming back from this, but Aristus, despite being a God of War, chooses to focus on the positive. Aristus is a very good character; I can’t remember ever seeing a War God depicted with this much compassion and being so chill in any mythology.

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There’s a lot that can be said for the final battle between Attum and Emmet. I want to say it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but it gets much deeper than that. The dialogue between these two is what makes this fight something different. At it’s heart, God Country is a story about father and son. Cates and Shaw focus on the distinct difference in the parenting and relationship between Emmet and Ra and Attum and Aristus. Mortality plays a huge part in this series as well. I keep stressing how this could play out as such a great movie and I’m giving that 5-7 years tops before we see this adapted to the big screen (if Idris isn’t Emmet or Michael B. Jordan isn’t Ray, then what are we even making the movie for, guys?).

Shaw draws the final stage of battle as a gritty otherworld. The Kingdom of Forever has seen better days and is suffering due to Attum’s stubbornness. Emmet has a hard ass arrival and the scenes that follow focus heavily on, as Matt Fraction and David Aja would say, “the stuff that don’t get spoke” between father and son and it is done masterfully. There is excellent narration for this final battle as well. Everything you expect is played with and rebuilt with this creative team.

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God Country is a story with heart, complexities, and so much more than the beat ’em up super heroics approach to telling a great tale for readers to appreciate. Cates and Shaw should be proud of the world they’ve built for this mini-series (why you do us like that though? Only six issues?), and need to lock in that movie deal ASAP. God Country built an incredible journey through alzheimer’s as an illness to express how far someone will go in order to hold onto something as precious as a memory and life as they knew it.

9.7 Final Boss Fights out of 10

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