Hawkeye #14 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

Not going to lie, I tried submitting “I love this book” as the entire review to no avail. What more do you want me to say about this team, man? What more can I say? Thompson and Romero are creative marksmen that hit the mark on every character that appears in Hawkeye. Got people hoping their fave appears in here to get that good-good character treatment. Fine, lemme find another creative way to tell you why you need to collect all these volumes for this iteration of Hawkeye.

Things didn’t go as planned after last issue as a washed Hawkeye (Clint Barton) appears at Hawkeye Investigations (Kate Bishop’s agency) to Kate’s friends. I love this entire scene as we watch Kate’s friends (sidekicks? partners?) experience what it’s like to interact and work with Clint Barton. Barton’s aloofness and “it’ll work out as soon as I lick my wounds and get back out there” Mephisto Devil-may-care may care attitude is great fodder for Kate’s concerned friends to riff off of. I told you, Thompson nails any character under her pen’s bullseye while Romero makes’em look muscle car on a hot summer day cool.

Let That Cast Shine

What I really like about this issue is the “less is more” approach. We don’t get much of Kate Bishop this issue. However, what we do get with her counts. Anyone that’s lost a family member can relate to Kate’s plight as well as Eden Vale’s methods. Thompson does a great job of portraying the hero in Kate and what separates Eden from being a typical “villain”. Speaking of heroes, Thompson proves she can handle Clint Barton going solo (should he ever need a series writer in a solo again). Bishop’s crew interacts with Barton like hanging out with your friend’s cool older brother when Clint let’s them in on the action.

There’s a great fight scene that we know Romero to be an expert at. While it isn’t as elaborate as we see with Kate, Romero points out the differences in Clint’s approach in fighting. Barton has less grace in his approach, his movements are strong and on the fly but he ends things quick. Romero highlights Clint Barton maneuvering as heavy but precise and always balanced. Romero perfectly displays the different mannerisms and physicality between Clint and Bishop as archers and fighters.

The ending is so sitcom perfect. Let’s say the Clint effect is strong this issue. Very strong. I’m really glad we’re getting another issue with Clint Barton around. Thompson and Romero always deliver and have done so consecutively. This Hawkeye series is what you’ll point to when talking about how comics should be done.

8.6 Way Gross Kisses out of 10

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