Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Michael Walsh / Marvel Comics

“Oh dear, what the fuck have we here?
These motherfuckers all thorn no rose”- El-P[/quote_simple]

Lemme just start by saying Kelly Thompson gets it. She fucking gets it. Reading Hawkeye is like attending a lecture with your favorite teacher that makes the lesson fun and innovative. Thompson’s writing does that so naturally in narrating Kate Bishop that it’s only five issues in and you can’t imagine anyone else behind Bishop’s voice. Michael Walsh I’ma get to your ass with these beautiful ass pieces of art later. I got something for you too, don’t you worry.

Now as you may or may not know, Jessica Jones is guest starring on this track and we’re smack dab in the middle of an interrogation. Jones is interrogating Brad, the asshat who is a person of interest since the woman Jones is trying to locate was last seen with Brad due to them being an item. Bishop has a vested interest in Brad as he will get her a step closer to finding her father (who she’s gunning to shut down) but that’s on hold for now. Now I can cut to the chase and say that Brad, being an asshat, is basically lying his ass off, which leads to him being released and tailed by the best P.I. to ever do it in Marvel and fangirling Kate Bishop taking in all Jones is teaching.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.03.16 PM

When I tell you that I was laughing my ass off through this entire issue though? Out-loud laughing through this entire issue, my dude. We’re getting a great buddy cop vibe for this new arc and it fits the mood of the book so damn well. The progression of their tailing and stakeouts comes off easy, and way better read than described. Thompson is immediately able to get the reader familiar with the type of chemistry between Jones and Bishop. If you’re just starting this series or unfamiliar with Jessica Jones, her whole motif becomes crystal clear from page one as well as why she is to be so revered. The best thing about these two together is how even though they are both heroes, they’re Private Investigators first and that’s the perspective that dominates the issue.

Thompson shows us how quick on her feet Jones is as she notices their mark changing locations by glancing at their reflection in Bishop’s aviators while they’re casually talking. The patience required on stake outs and improvisation required to get you into places you clearly have no business being in — we’re getting a lesson in vintage Jessica Jones methods as there is no true method that’s a guaranteed success. The journey of this mystery is so enjoyable with these two teaming up, especially with Michael Walsh on the visuals.

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Walsh, man. Waaaaalsh, man. Walsh is giving readers the beautiful view of the city, glorious close-ups and far off shots of Jessica and Kate. I never thought I’d see the day Jessica Jones was driving a lil’ moped and I feel like my comic book bucket list is complete. Walsh highlights Jones in a great older sister light (especially in the end, I can’t stress that enough) with Kate. We usually get Jones as more of the hardass or cynical sarcastic person from her own series and never get to see much of how fucking chill and relax she can be, and Walsh has her own that perfectly here. I was also such a fucking mark for all the spots where Walsh had Kate using her arrows. We not only see Bishop’s accuracy but agility with the bow as well, which I love being highlighted.

I’m fucking with the team on this book. There’s a reference to a comment America Chavez made about Kate Bishop that gets brought up in this issue and I fucking lost it laughing. You know a creative team cares when they dig that deep to present an inside joke for the fandom. You couldn’t have a more beloved character in safer hands than this right chea.

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