Hit-Girl From Millar And Ortiz Is Here And She Is Deadly

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz / Image Comics

Ayooo Hit-Girl is here to kill the game and everything that comes along with it! This story is fast-paced, electric, bloody and vile. We are blessed with an ambitous and flat-out badass female protagonist who has a new mission in a new country. Millar’s writing is sharp. He moves this new tale along to exciting territory, while explaining Hit-Girl’s previous whereabouts and heartbreaking reasons for her current actions. Ricardo Lopez Ortiz is the new homie. His style is loud, vibrant and vicious. His rich and expressive art is the perfect compliment to Millar’s lacerating pace and aggressive agenda.

This issue drops you dead smack in the middle of Colombia and hits you with that El Chapo sentencing scenario. Off the rip, our new anti-hero looks absolutely terrifying! He also looks like he’s relishing being in the dastardly spotlight. I loved that for a minute, I had to wonder if this was Hit-Girl, decades later. Of course this turns out to be hitman Fabio ‘Mano’ Mendoza, who has delivered enough Colombian fades to warrant double-digit life sentences. This cat was the most lethal weapon for a dozen years. Yet, despite the media’s over-the-top coverage of the man responsible for the Reign of Terror, you can’t help but wonder if the people really love him and why. I’m interested in seeing where this El Padre character takes us.

We already know the adventure that Hit-Girl and Mano are gonna take us on will be a gut-splattering, epic journey. All that matters is how dope or formidable the bad guys will be in this 4-issue run. I’m so damn excited for these next 3 books for so many reasons. This Colombian location is going to provide so much for Millar and Ortiz to work with that. The power of the people seems to be a theme that may come to fruition and Bast knows how wild that would end up. Everyone reading Hit-Girl should be grateful that BOTH of these heroes murderers vengence filled professionals have hundreds countless lives on their hands, an unlimited supply of arms, and God tier body catching capabilities. Strap yourselves in, because Hit-Girl is about to get relentlessly savage.

9.5 Sidekick Seeking Missions out of 10

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