Infinity Gauntlet #5 Review

Writer:Gerry Duggan & Dustin Weaver / Artist: Dustin Weaver / Marvel

Here we go, here we go. We’re back on that post-apocalyptic bullshit with the Bakians. The worst has happened as Thanos has merked Eve. Just when the family was back to being unified, we see Thanos being that dirty mutha fucka he always been, ripping that shit apart… or so Duggan would have us believe.


Oh thank God, it appears Eve is trapped in a suspended state due to her battle with Adam Warlock & the Soul Gem. Thanos interrupted her connection with the physical plane — like when you were on the modem and a call came in. The Bakian’s hope in saving their mother comes with the Reality Gem. Even if they find it, the situation is still 4 (including Zigzzag) to Thanos with 4 Infinity Stones. The family searches for the stones. Quill, Gamora, and Groot help out and add much needed comic relief in the face of danger while Thanos is distracted with his future self, showing us how Thanos is literally his own worst enemy and obstacle, literally.

Duggan does a great job with the whole theme of family sticking together and finding strength with one another. Thanos has said that he thinks this is a weakness, but the Bakians prove him wrong. They prove his ass wrong with fucking mechs man. We got to shout out Dustin Weaver’s art work on this man. He made the Novas look flourishing. This is the kinda Nova book I wanna fuck with. Their suits had compartments on compartments on mutha fucking compartments that reacted with the stones. The Bakian is a Nova family and squad that came to life under Duggan and Weaver’s tag team creativity.


We finally see Menzin support Anwen as she comes into her own. I’m not going to tell you what happens but let’s just say, we see this young girl barely in her teens square up against Thanos armed with a fucking Infinity Gem, Nova Suit and Black Girl Magic. It’s a great freaking read, and a great ending to this awesome series. The saddest part is that we see this family created for this event of Secret Wars but we don’t know if we’ll ever see them again or if they are going to be stuck in limbo know or who knows. I’m riding so hard for this family right now and honestly don’t want to see them fade into obscurity. This is a book about family but it’s also about survival, the two interweave with one another so well in just five issues — so much so that it’s truly a sad sight to see it end. This is a book comic fans should have siting in the book shelf.

8.8 bad ass mom novas outta 10

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