Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Frank Quitely / Image Comics


This is it! The finale, folks! The end all be all. The cherry that’s about to sit atop this masterpiece of a superhero tale. And if I’m keepin’ it a stack, I feel blessed just to ride along through the creative process of artists like Millar and Quitely. I had no clue how this series would finish. I had no clue what the next move of any characters were going to be. Hell, I never even finished a full comic run until I picked up the Jupiter’s series. That’s how good great this comic book is, fuck what you heard.


The Anti-Asshole regime has been recruiting like beasts and finally sprung Son-Jason’s plan into action. Last issue left off with Chloe and Brandon in the middle of the greatest battle since Bran Bran fried his pops to a crisp. Skyfox was just murdered and Hutch in line for the next fade. Just as Walter was about to reunite Skyfox with his slugger, Repro pulls up to save the day. Maaaannn I love when Repro appears because I know that Quitely is about to bestow greatness upon thine eyes. And boy did he work perfectly off Millar’s writing. Repro and Walter exchange psychological blows, digging deep into each others subconscious (hippocampus if you nasty), while the world around them is filled with asteroid tossing chaos and automotive destruction of the most epic magnitude.

Meanwhile the strongest child in the universe, Mighty Mouse in human form, Jason da young GAWD of this series and Neutrino, the neutron ghost riding heroine, have been “Captured and imprisoned” at Supermax. But we all know Son-Jason got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He starts the next phase of his plan, using Neutrino’s eye popping powers. Without these two, this whole battle would have been for naught.


Brandon is still underestimating his sister’s capabilities, so she shows him exactly what she’s about and unleashes power he’s never seen. Quitely must’ve done a backflip jumping for joy when he saw what Millar had planned for these final pages, because ya boy goes all the way in on these panels! About a mile away from Chloe and Brandon’s brawl to end it all, Hutch and Walter stand toe to toe. Hutch is obviously at the disadvantage only possessing his power rod, but Hutch aint never been no softy. Walter hits him with the Shadow Clone jutsu finishing move and it’s kill or be killed for Hutch.

P.S. Skyfox was right.

Excellent, excellent, superb ending to this series. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Millar has gained a fan for life and as long as he keeps cranking out substance like this and stays off the “problematic faves” list, I’ll make sure to keep highlighting his genius every chance I get. Quitely, I didn’t know you before this series, but best believe I’ll be schooling everyone I meet on the skills fam. I also just read an interview where Millar promises a part 3 of this series. Wouldn’t happen for another 5 years or so, but you can expect BNP to be on the lookout for that whenever he gets around to it. Just don’t keep us on that George R.R. Martin wait time.

10 Tsunami Destroying Sonic Booms out of 10

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