Justice League Odyssey #4 Review


Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artists: Phil Briones and Stjepan Sejic / DC Comics

Justice League Odyssey picks up the pace in issue #4 as Cyborg meets his worshippers. Not all of them though. Because he still hasn’t met me.

This issue was one of the better ones of the run so far. It stopped dangling the lingering questions in front of you and embraced more of the fun adventure aspect that was promised from the jump. Also, Cyborg was front and center, so you know ya boi was happy. Specifically, we visit the planet and the people that worship him as their machine god. And just like Starfire’s followers, they’re a bit weird. Kinda cultish. But unlike the desperate believers from Starfire’s religion, these people ain’t got time for no fakes. It’s 2019 now and they ain’t playing.

Justice League Odyssey #4

Because they’ve had one too many false gods claiming to be their one true divine savior, they’ve set up a test for whosoever comes and claims to be The One. So that’s where we find ourselves in issue #4. It’s Cyborg vs. Azrael in a Gladiator Colosseum. If Victor wins, he’s the real deal. If he loses, he’s a scrub and they’re probably gonna kill him. This puts Cyborg in an interesting spot. He isn’t too keen on pretending to be a god. He’s determined to save these people, but their faith is getting in the way, so he’s gotta play the game for a little bit and earn their trust. It’s a position that forces him to make some decisions that he might not normally make. But that’s what makes a hero, ya dig? A hero also has to deal with the consequences of their actions on a grander scale than your average Joe. And in the coming issues, I think it’s gonna be safe to say that he bit off more than his shiny metal ass can chew.

This was easily the issue that contained the most action. The fight between Cyborg and Azrael is reminiscent of most fights in a Colosseum, but Briones has a flashy style that makes a familiar aesthetic feel unique and fun. The fight even ends with Cyborg cracking a smile while yelling his famous “BOOYAH”. It’s nice to see Vic enjoying himself, even if the moment is fleeting. He’s gone through a lot over the course of a few different series and you can tell it’s starting to take a toll on him. Even if this is all par for the course.

Justice League Odyssey #4

Justice League Odyssey #4 places Cyborg front and center as he grapples with the morality of accepting his role as a god if it means being able to save an entire race of people. That might seem like a heavy burden, but it’s just a normal Wednesday for Vic.

8.5 Android Dinosaurs out of 10

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