Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Miguel Mendonça / DC Comics

Maaaan, Nightwing gotta get his shit together. Things are going from really bad to “things will never be the same” territory. As a quick inventory: Nightwing couldn’t bring down Blockbuster (who is still running Blüdhaven), and finally got that day job that Sean wanted him to get, at Blockbuster’s casino. Sean left him, then was going to take him back, except now he’s kicking it with Huntress. Huntress has had it with Nightwing’s waffling and now she’s getting tired of his shit, too. Nightwing needs a Snickers or something because it’s all bad for our first Robin in these Blüdhaven streets right now. Seeley has done a good job of showing us the rise and fall of Nightwing when he was at optimal happiness and now when he has little going in his direction.

Nightwing’s Frenimies Are Everywhere

None of this has included the fact that Raptor has come to town and is wrecking everyone’s dinner plans. The storytelling over 30+ issues has organically brought all the chickens home to roost for Nightwing. Watching the heroes, the sorta-heroes (which this book has a lot of), and the villains converge makes for some great dynamics. Everyone is in an enemy-of-my-enemy scenario which makes for a thrilling read. Raptor versus Blockbuster was great if not too brief. I would love to see that fight happen at least once more.

Mendonça might be putting in his best work for this book and it has done well to make the book three dimensional. He handles everything thrown at him, from action to quiet dialogue and discovery. All the panels look pretty good and clean here. Special mention to Chris Sotomayer on colors, who has brought an appropriately softer pallet to our heartfelt hero. The story is reaching a climax and we are getting everyone’s best effort here.

Nightwing has managed to work in all the elements of this book from previous arcs to give us a truly captive and interesting story arc. This book could go in so many directions, it will be a thrill to see how it turns out.

9.0 Paid-Off Teenagers out of 10

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