Writer: Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez / Artist: Ramon Perez / Marvel Comics

We’re kicking off this alien one-on-one match from the jump with Sam seeing this Cancerverse monster attacking his sister and rocking a bunch of the dead Nova helmets at once. Loveness and Perez give us a great reminder of how bad ass the matriarchy in Sam’s family are as his mother and grandmother come in swinging. When your parent and grandparent are down to ride out on a giant alien attacking the house, it isn’t going to get any realer than that. Sam is fast to get in on the action but that inexperience is stifling him as he figures out too late that the monster is able to absorb the Nova force.

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Our mans and them is struggling until Richard Rider shows up and it’s through the monsters constant attacking of Richard (yet again) that Sam finally gets clued into what we all know, this monster is here because of Rider. Perez and Loveness once again show how clutch Rider is when the battle is on as well as getting Sam into the mix. Rider remains business first and revelations second when danger is present. Now we don’t really draw out the revelation here but Sam’s response is rather violent buuuuuuuut it’s kinda warranted. Rider switches from being the cool older brother mentor to a guy that really doesn’t have all his shit together underneath it all.

I was a fan of how fast the pacing was for this issue. It didn’t need to be a long huge ordeal of just how hurt Sam was as we got that off the bat with his immediate reaction. You can tell where the ending is heading as the monster returns and it becomes apparent that there’s only one way to keep it in the Cancerverse. Rider’s talk about what he deserves and choice to step up were what stood out here but we get another reveal in an old villain on the last page that informs us that this won’t be Rider’s last rodeo.

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Perez is sold on art here, there weren’t any major moments that stood out visually until that last page. The space world building that’s been occurring in this series have definitely set an adventurous tone for the book. It will be interesting to see how Rider and Sam face this new obstacle that the universe is bringing to their front door.

8.3 lies on lies on lies out of 10
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