Odyssey of the Amazons #6 Review

Writer: Kevin Grevioux / Artist: Ryan Benjamin /DC Comics

Soooooo, our captured Amazons are finally able to break free and join their sisters in arms on the battlefield, problem is the Amazons and Valkyries just got washed in their round 1 boat against Groa. Luckily for them, loyalty issues take root on Groa’s side of things. These issues don’t last long and the second round gets underway as the Valkyries and Amazons team up for their last ditch effort to take down the J├Âtunn’s Assault.

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This journey for the Amazons becomes much more at the end as Hessia has a choice to make when the reason for their woes is revealed. This journey then turns into something of a blind quest through certain deities’ desires. Hessia is not here for the fuck shit, I’ma tell you that much. There’s a lot of loss, and in my opinion there isn’t a lot of pay off for that when it’s all said and done, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there. Still, I come all this way and see my family die, tortured, and kidnapped, so I’ma need more than a pat on the back.

Benjamin was solid all throughout his art tenure for this tale. The Amazons looked fierce each issue and I have to credit the detail put into each Amazon, Valkyrie, and God’s look. From their wardrobe to their hair (good job on drawing women’s hair, by the way; it’s 2017 and you would be surprised how much of a task that can be for other artists), all aspects of these character’s appearances reflected the time, but each stood out as individuals as well.

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This was a great journey, and I would enjoy seeing more of Hessia’s travels; I had hoped there would be a spin off focusing more on her away from Wonder Woman’s mythology. The Amazons continue to be warriors that aren’t to be messed with, which this book displays well.

8.1 “I Went to the Afterlife and Back and All I Got Was This Shirt” out of 10
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