Power Man and Iron Fist #6 Review

Writer: David F. Walker / Artist: Flaviano Armentaro / Marvel Comics

Even while I haven’t been reviewing this book with regularity, it would be criminal not to express how much I enjoy it. The language, comraderie, and action sequences with Luke and Danny are among the best buddy cop stories that comics has right now. Even with their powers, Power Man and Iron Fist have always been known as the “street level” heroes and Walker nails that feel and aesthetic throughout this series. This issue was dubbed as the “Civil War II” issue to see where our heroes fit in to the Hero vs Hero conflict. Without giving away their ultimate decision and alliance, the beginning of this book is very powerful and moving; watching Luke and Danny mourn the loss of Rhodey and the critical injuries of Jennifer carried a lot of emotional weight that was displayed pretty effectively.

Power Man Iron Fist #6 Panel 2

The rest of the issue balances between their current conflict of street vigilantes taking out former criminals and dealing with the cops when those vigilantes hit too close to home. Again, I love the way that writers are taking on the issue of police, authority and excessive tactics about identifying threats. Walker does the same here, showcasing our heroes in ways that they have to explain themselves and possibly being in a more perilous position than when fighting bad guys.

Power Man and Iron Fist continues to be a very high-quality book with a unique language and story to much of the Marvel lineup. We’ll see if this serving as a tie in to the Civil War conflict is just a one and done or if their conflict with the vigilantes (using some predictive reasoning for targeting ex-villains) will prompt them into the fray. Either way, Power Man and Iron Fist is absolutely worth your time. This month or any other.

8.7 Arguments About Headquarters Decorations out of 10

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