Runaways #6 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel Comics

Issue #6 of Runaways finally takes off the kiddie gloves and puts the fistigons on, cuz it was straight clap or be clapped season up in Molly’s room. Whole team out here looking like the Power Rangers when they got Tommy back! And not a moment too soon, cuz Molly’s grandma is on some cyanide apple pie baking, bleach drenched grilled cheese making, telepathy granting, decrepit Dr. Frankenstein shit!

Grandma up in the crib lookin like Georgina from Get Out with a splash of A Bronx Tale mobster talmbout no no no no no no no no no… now yous can’t leave. This elderly woman goes all the way psycho, sicking her feline creations on the squad. Molly’s as confused as an adopted white girl growing up in Compton. On one hand she doesn’t want her grandma to be hurt, and on the other, she doesn’t want her friends brains shredded by telepathic claws. This is something that Molly has to push through and where issue #6 really shines.

Not only does Molly defend her grandma’s evil ass actions, but she out here creating rules on the fly about what the team can and can’t do to defend themselves! Molly is forced to face the ultimatum she has been avoiding since Gert came back into her life. Does she stay with her anatomy altering, almost-as-evil-as-my-parents-were grandma? Or does she make her chosen family’s dreams come true, and head “home” with The Runaways? All I’ll say is that the twist that grandma throws at Molly mid-issue is probably the most agonizing decision she’s ever made.

After months of setup, creepy grandmas, teary eyed reunions, robot head revivals, heartbreaking setbacks and telepathic cats, we finally have The Runaways back in full fighting force!! Issue #6 finally lets a few powers loose and gets over that “getting the band back together” arc that we’ve been watching unfold. I’m excited for what Kris Anka and Rainbow Rowell have in store for the future if this run. They both have blank canvases to work with, which makes this a phenomenal time to be reading Runaways.


9 Cat Eating Dinosaurs out of 10

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