Saga #45 Review

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Writer: Brian K. Vaughan / Artist: Fiona Staples / Image Comics

While there have been so many great side characters through Saga’s 45-issue run, Petri has probably moved into my top five. Hilarious, off-putting, brutally honest and savage as all hell, she is kind of a perfect Saga character. Her interaction with the bounty hunters goes some expected places, but some great ones too as she thinks on her feet to try and extend her time and give herself a chance at capture. Or vengeance. Whichever.


The other half of the story focuses on another wrinkle of Alana’s stillborn pregnancy, her manifestation of a projection spell that closed the previous issue. Vaughan gives an excellent script here, showing the painful absurdity of showing a fully developed son, Hazel’s age that is not real and simultaneously hurting her to maintain. It is sad and wonderous at the same time, something this creative team is no stranger to pulling off.

Speaking of the creative team, Staples does her usual badassery here, but my gawd can she draw a last page. As fascinating as it is disturbing (ehh, probably about 65% disturbing), it deepens the world just a bit more showing the crazy creatures and characters that inhabit this world. Most of the issue is pretty subtle and conversation driven with the briefest moments of action, but it all looks glorious no matter what our sorta-heroes and sorta-villains are doing.


Saga is building towards an interesting turn in the story that both expands the world but continues to define what it means to be a family in an increasing dire situation. Quality of this book continues to stay consistent, even while we learn more new things about our protagonists.

8.7 Kid-Sized Lightning out of 10

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