Saga #46 Review

[divider type=”space_thin”]Writer: Brian K Vaughan / Artist: Fiona Staples / Image Comics

What left off as weird and disturbing last issue strangely mellowed when diving into #46. Alana having passed out, the ghost brother is still present and the ominously named “Endwife” is coming to their rescue. Their appearance is unsettling but is made even more so, weirdly by how serene and straightforward their home and decorum is. Surely, the other shoe has not dropped yet in the Endwife’s aid of Alana, but we also get a bit of Marko’s politics as well, having to face some real hard truths and idealism while his wife’s life is being saved by a doctor that performs abortions.

Alongside this story is Hazel and her heartwrenching interactions with Kurti as she is forced to face the most brutal of realities again and again. Vaughan and Staples, side by side, pull some heartstrings on this as we can’t help but feel for the little winged and horned girl who can’t catch a break.


Elsewhere, we see the aftermath of Prince Robot coming to save Petrichor. It is definitely as funny as one would imagine with these two characters together, but admittedly it goes some pretty expected places. For a book that is so good because it successfully finds ways to go left, I was surprised to see how streamlined and conventional their story went. Though, there’s till plenty of time for that to turn around.

As I stated before, what seems most crazy about the art is how clinical and “normal” Endwife’s domain looks and that’s a credit to Staples. In addition to just the general consistent quality she pumps out, I sincerely enjoyed just about every physical representation of Prince Robot this issue. Staples is really doing the Lord’s work there.


Not as potent as some previous issues, Saga continues to bring a quality, weird book each month. With not a ton happening, it did set the stage for some interesting movements to come.

8.3 Sleeping Pups out of 10

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