Star Wars #30 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Salvador Larroca / Marvel Comics

Star Wars is easily one of the most consistently strong comics Marvel has going for it right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a book so thoroughly take an existing sci-fi mythos and make it its own the way Jason Aaron has. Put simply, even if you only have the most basic Star Wars knowledge, Aaron can still manage to provide a potentially lit comic experience.

Issue #30 takes a new turn as it wraps up the Yoda flashback saga but, unexpectedly, with Luke finishing what he started in the present. Aaron did an awesome job of intertwining the narratives to explore the theme of realizing humility to achieve true peace with self which is one of the cornerstones of Jedi school 101. This book is awesome at playing around within the in-betweens of movie “episodes” to allow for just enough character development that it doesn’t interfere with the major players and their existing fates. The saga overall goes on maybe an issue more than it should but the premise is so insane that it’s actually excusable.

Star Wars #30 Panel

Salvador Larroca’s art isn’t necessarily bad but I’m not entirely sure it’s a good fit for this particular story overall. I mean, he handles the fantastic elements of the narrative well enough, but some of the body work could use a tune up. It feels unfinished and sometimes sloppy in certain panels. It doesn’t really put too much of a damper on the story but there’s still room for improvement.

Bottom Line: For the most part, it’s a perfectly respectable wrap up to an interesting take on Star Wars’ usual flashback interlude arc. Not a terrible looking book, but not quite up to the high standards established by the likes of John Cassaday and Stuart Immonen. Still readable, though.

7.5 Nerf Herders out of 10

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