Starpunch Girl #3 Review

writer: S.D. Lockhart / artist: Patibut ‘Narm’ Preeyawongsakul / Nevo Digital

Starpunch Girl: a webcomic that has convinced me that the transition from web comic to printed and digitally available comic needs to continually be a thing. It’s a comic that’s brightly illustrated and funny with a main character you can’t help but cheer on.

Issue number three keeps on track with Starpunch Girl’s training done (at least for the moment) and she’d acknowledged by the grateful citizens of Earth, they send an invite for her to visit. It’s really awesome that emotion through body language and facial expressions are expressed so well through the art because this book isn’t heavy on the dialogue which is again, another plus in why it is so accessible.


“Started From Space, Now We’re Here!”


With each issue we are greeted with more and more of our main character’s backstory and why she has beef with Black Hole Boy. What we knew before is that she had to escape her home world and all friends and family. We knew that Black Hole Boy was responsible for wrecking her life and thus becoming her arch nemesis and we keep seeing glimpses of him with each issue. He’s a baddie, I get it. But now with this issue the level of his cruelty in the flashbacks scenes of SPG when she was younger. The emotional toll will be felt by the reader when they read what and who was sacrificed when she was initially attacked by BHB’s forces. It also ties in with how she gained the gauntlets she now wears. (Also the artwork REALLY shines here in this fabulous flashback scene from start to finish




Final Score:

9 Joyful Earth Welcomings out of 10

This continues to be an engaging comic to read that maintains it’s witty banter, well-timed jokes and enough story to flesh out an already loved character. This issue wraps up what is part two of SPG’s “God Becomes Warlord” arc. She’s made it to Earth and BHB isn’t pleased. Looks like next issue may contain their eventual meeting which is highly anticipated on my end as a reader.

Remember folks, that this comic is still an active web comic which you can check out. Check it ut as it updates often but don’t forget to buy the comic and support the artists! See the website for original soundtracks to listen to while reading, merch and lots of other goodies! ALSO: SPG is on Tapastic: which means you can take her with you via the Tapastic app available on all your devices!



But did y’all see the Alternative Universe-President-not-Obeezy???!!!!


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