Supergirl #13 Review

Writer: Steve Orlando / Artist: Robson Rocha / DC Comics

If nothing else, these Supergirl covers have been on fire. The best of the last several Supergirl covers have shown Kara triumph in peak desperation, here tearing apart the Eye of Ekron, a look of intense pain as she accomplishes the feat, camera angle pointed upward like witnesses gazing in awe. The downside has been the interiors not living up to the colors – in some cases, even misleading – but not with Supergirl #13. This one lives up to its cover and name as Kara epitomizes everything we want in her as a hero: hope, compassion, and never-ending perseverance.

A stunning fight with Emerald Empress, along with a brief cameo of Indigo (a compelling hero-villain in her own right), anchor the climax of The Girl of No Tomorrow in one of the best Supergirl issues to date on this run. It strings together previous arcs and characters from Lar-On to Cyborg Superman in practical ways with actual implications on the story plot, making them more useful than gimmicky. In the same vein then, the biggest success of The Girl of No Tomorrow is giving previous plots meaning as they culminate in an arc that ends with consequence. The D.E.O., Cat Grant, Cyborg Superman, and more have been fundamentally changed as result of what happens here, so Supergirl’s world as she knows it will be different. That means character growth and reader fulfillment in the belief that each of her adventures has the prospect of significant effect, that everything won’t always be resolved and fixed before the credits roll at the end of an episode, and that risk makes all the difference. Supergirl is interesting again.

The biggest detraction from the issue is the clunky and over-used dialogue from the people of National City as they represent the struggle of public opinion against Supergirl. Overall though, one of the best issues to date leads to the highest anticipation I have felt in this series. Not from a cliff-hanger, but by the prospects of the new life Supergirl will live after fallout from The Girl of No Tomorrow. A lot is changed, and those changes posit new and more interesting challenges for Kara Danvers. After a long, rocky start, I hope the series flies from here.

9.4 out of 10

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