The Astonishing Ant-Man #2 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer / Artist: Roman Rosanas / Marvel Comics

Nick Spencer really knows how to get inside of a character and reveal a multitude of layers to them and the circumstances that that they are facing. We know Scott Lang is in jail but we don’t know why he is there. Scott Lang himself is also wondering how this came to pass. He is torn between blaming himself for his action while also (rightfully so, unbeknownst to him) perhaps realizing he put the trust in the wrong people when trying to do the right thing.

This issue brings Scott on another assignment for his security company. He’s taking on a new client but as it turns out it’s a client he knows, and kinda dated, aaaaannnnnd kind of never broke it off with. Yeah, Daral Deering is here and she comes out to get a piece of Scott’s ass for doing her wrong. Darla is doing a superhero reality tv show now and there is a certain danger that comes with that. In the middle of their fight a villain appears to attack Darla. This villain is the Magician and when you hear his back story? My freaking god the hilarity of it all. Spencer is a MASTER of bringing humor in and out of such a dire and serious situation. Month in and month out without fail Roman Rosanas is able to capture that humor visually. Rosanas is the perfect artist for this book, he knows just what to accentuate and focus on in every detail.

Don’t get me started on how graceful he makes Scott Lang look when he is moving around in action sequences. This issue focuses heavily on the facets and flaws of Scott Lang as he must come to terms that at times he can be a shitty or selfish person. This isn’t his intention of course, but we start to see how Scott Lang will usually go for the path of least resistance when it comes to navigating his life. Hearing Scott admit this aloud is such a moment for us as readers as we see this character working out his life and the reasons things happen to him due to his choices.

Now, is that the cause of Lang being behind bars? We don’t know. However, as bad as Scott is with his flaws, we see that others can be just as selfish. When you see the capacity in which the Hench App appears in this issue you’re definitely going to be torn in your feelings. This book doesn’t fail you on delivery of development for situations and characters with each issue. Roman and Spencer made me a HUGE Scott Lang fan with their iteration of him as a hero. Get this book folks. Get. This. Book.

8.9 magicians with daddy issues out of 10

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