The Ultimates #9 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel Comics

Civil War II has really been a slow start this time around. It’s been slow and with a lot of heroes taking L’s. We saw Rhodey get knocked and more recently Bruce Banner catch the fade from none other than Hawkeye from Steph Curry range. Things are as “what the fuck is happening” as they have ever been for our heroes in the Marvel universe. Now enter the team that was formed to troubleshoot those issues and you got some major beef stirring. We see if straight from page one as Adam Brashear is not pleased with the current direction of things and he lets Carol Danvers know that off the strength.

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Carol and Adam are on a path toward fracturing as Ewing is planting the seeds of foreshadowing. The main focus this issue stems from yet another look back at the world-building going on with Adam Brashear. Adam and his son Kevin deal with the threat of The Infinaut, a being whose manifestation on Earth comes close to causing our doom each time. Ulysses predicts the coming of The Infinaut and The Ultimates get busy preparing. What’s funny with this book is you expect the easy big fight win from this team of major hitters and forget that they are here to solve the universe’s problems, not punch it.

Ewing does such a good job of showcasing each character and how amazing they are while still world building for others. Again, Ewing’s world building with Adam Brashear is perfection. It’s what Marvel wanted with The Sentry with their whole “Hero that time forgot”. It’s nice to see the type of father Adam is to Kevin (and Max, yet to be seen with daughter tho) on their adventures through these flashbacks.

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Ewing is building up Adam in the same way that Bendis gave Luke Cage a new status quo. That’s one of the best features of this book. Each character is utilized and shines on rotation. Rocafort’s art work expressing the threat that The Infinaut serves was perfection. Especially when it comes to the most recent confrontation with the entity. Everybody plays a role without having to be lead, which is so unique in a book.

8.9 Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!’s out of 10

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