We Are Robin #10 Review

Writer: Lee Bermejo / Artist: Jorge Corona / DC Comics

Listen, I don’t know how many times you want me to tell you that this book is what the streets of Gotham been needing, man. Bermejo, if you’re reading this, you crazy for this one, man. Duke Thomas dealing with what his parents have become post the Joker’s attack is fucking painful. To see a child having to take care of his parents that are going through psychotic episodes is rough, man. We’re seeing what all the kids have been up to after the “Robin Laws,” and we’ve gotten acquainted with a lot of the field operatives in We Are Robin, but it looks to be there are members that act as the Oracle counterparts to the Robins. They’re like internet first responders as they find out about Smiley’s attack and recruitment and start spreading the news to the Robins that operate in the field.

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The Robins get wind of Smiley’s attack and actual identity. There are so many stories going on at once, but the narration weaves them all together beautifully. Dre is winning the day as he has his own vigilante regime outside of the Robins; Corona does an incredible job making his appearance very urban and spooky, especially with the eyes popping from the shadow of his hood. You can tell the influence of Batman and Gotham in the costume. Overall, Corona just does an incredible job with the art. We aren’t getting much action this issue but the visuals really brings the story together.


We Are Robin is what Young Justice and Teen Titans books used to be in DC Comics. It’s a new era for teen heroes, and this season has modernized that and made it work for the streets of Gotham City. And the final page of this is so real, even in fiction.

8.3 Instant Messages out of 10

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