Wonder Woman #22 Review

Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Mirka Andolfo / DC Comics

This issue opens up with a date night auction for Wonder Woman. The highlight is seeing Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor go at it trying to outbid one another. That was a nice little Easter Egg for us readers. An even better Easter Egg is Veronica Cale coming in and shutting all that noise down with her bid. Veronica Cale got some deep pockets yall. What ensues is Diana formally meeting Veronica and her team of bodyguards for the first time, although Diana lets on that she knows a lot about Veronica Cale.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.09.49 PM

We get an adventure with Veronica and Diana as we see that Veronica is experiencing some trouble with a human trafficking ring she shut down. Wonder Woman gets involved and ulterior motives ensue on Veronica’s part. This issue was really fast and easy to digest and the best part of it is how coy Diana comes across until the end when she gets real rap raw about where she stands in terms of Veronica Cale. Rucka is giving us levels here with how much Diana will let on. Visually Mirka Andolfo sold that shit hook line and sinker with the visuals. We got a brief fight scene that was, of course, no sweat for Diana but Andolfo showcases just how agile and quick Wonder Woman is when it comes to combat.

This issue serves as a stepping stone towards the finale coming forward for these two simultaneous story arcs taking place and all that’s left is to see how it all ties together. Rucka’s track record is more than enough proof that we’re going to get some deep developments for our Wonder Woman.

7.9 Million Dollar Bids For a Date out of 10

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