Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Bilquis Evely, Liam Sharp / DC Comics

“People find love and realize that love is love and they should be the fucking law
’cause love is love even when love is lost”- Royce Da 5’9[/quote_simple]

To say Wonder Woman is in a mood would be a bit of an understatement. Diana feels like the god sent DJ Khaled to her door step just to tell her, “Congratulations. You played yourself.” The events of last issue haven’t left Diana pleased in the least and her aggression at her predicament is evident to her Justice League teammates as they call her in for help and she handles The Shaggy man dolo, like it’s not a damn thing.

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*Joey Styles voice* Gore! Gore! Gore! At some point we gotta talk about Wonder Woman’s constant use of WWF finishers and holds in her fighting portfolio. This issues serves as an epilogue for Rucka, Evely, and Sharp’s god-tier level of work for on Wonder Woman. Etta Candy is clearly not on good terms with Wonder Woman as her search for Minerva continues. Cale isn’t giving Diana any help or slack in her search for a cure for Minerva either. As much good as Wonder Woman has done, the bonds she has built with her friends (cast) is far different than when we saw upon her first arrival to the modern world.

Rucka gives us a great scene between the trinity as Batman and Superman are trying to find out the issue of what’s up with Diana. This is our first time seeing just how frustrated Wonder Woman can get, we’re seeing Diana out of her normal jovial self due to the fuck shit of the gods. However, if you know Diana, you know she ain’t with letting things sit.
Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.56.19 PM

The gods got some explaining to do as Wonder Woman hits them up for a confrontation. Sharp and Evely on the art is wondrous for this issue as well. It’s so bittersweet with all the stunning visuals this team has done with portraying Diana from her early years to modern day. The scene with the gods is probably a classic shot as well as the final scene that takes place for the issue.

Rucka, Sharp, and Evely gotta get their due credit for being the ones that revitalized Wonder Woman’s mythos for DC Comics. This team brought us a lot of depth and closed many gaps, questions, and speculations in Diana’s deep rooted history in DC Universe. The series closes out a light note that not only Steve and Diana deserve but one this creative team deserves as well.

9.8 Home Makeovers out of 10

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