Writer: Shea Fontana / Artist: Mirka Andolfo / DC Comics

Diana Prince is blowing up, literally. I — I had to say it. I couldn’t let it come to pass without saying it. Wonder Woman survived the bombing attempt at the wedding then rushes to check on everyone and ensure safety. After helping civilians we see that Etta Candy is in a less than ideal state. It isn’t until Diana makes her way back to base to get a check out that this issue’s villain reveals them self. I won’t spoil the plot of who was behind the attack but I will say the fall out isn’t going to have repercussions for Wonder Woman in the future. Overall this issue isn’t game changing but a brief reminder for Diana that danger is always waiting to strike out at her.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.45.49 PM

I’m fucking with Andolfo’s art portrayal of Diana, as we see different action shots of Diana saving people as well as when she is fighting. You give me an artist that can display a good fight scene, and you got me pegged in. We even get a shot for Wonder Woman applying her version of Soma Joe’s Coquina Clutch (rear-naked choke/sleeper hold). Andolfo’s art — as I stated for the prior issue — makes everyone look younger, but I’m not going to nitpick at that. I like this portrayal of Diana as being vastly different in appearance.

We get set up for the upcoming issue but this story feels as if it served as a place holder. There’s no overarching lesson either but more of an “another day, another person trying to justify doing some villain shit” approach for this story. These two issues still serve as a good short read for any Wonder Woman fan looking for a jumping on point or isolated story arc.

7.3 Chandler Bing Quips out of 10

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