Writers: Collin Kelly, Greg Rucka, Jackson Lanzing, Michael Moreci, Vita Ayala
/ Artists: Claire Roe, David Lafuente, Nicola Scott, and Stephanie Hans / DC Comics

We don’t get one long story for this year’s Wonder Woman Annual but rather a large collective of multiple stories from various creative teams. I won’t summarize each one but instead, go with the overall message each story does for the mythos of Diana Prince. This isn’t required reading but it does highlight different aspects of Wonder Woman that get an upgrade in development. We see in one story Diana’s first meeting with Superman and Batman, thus the marking the beginning of the Trinity of DC Universe. Other stories in this annual do a lot to highlight Wonder Woman’s compassion and sense of justice. The stories all move as well, not just taking place in America.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.15.23 PM

We’re getting the world tour of Wonder Woman dealing with different issues globally. We’re also meeting characters that are familiar as well as obscure throughout the issue. Wonder Woman’s fighting prowess is displayed and the tribulations that come with being a warrior are laid bare for the reader too. Let’s be reminded this is where Wonder Woman differs highly from her counterparts of Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman is about that 187 life, about that “86 ya lights” life, that…. those are all the number codes for kills that I’m familiar with but you get what I’m talking about. Each story does a job of working as a cohesive unit in order to portray just how vast Wonder Woman as a character is and continues to be.

Wonder Woman Annual #1 is a nice keepsake for this fresh start in the Rebirth era DC Comics has ushered in. It’s a great collective of different perspectives for your womans and dem Diana Prince that’s being offered. With strong art and a rolodex of stories to map through in one issue, if you got the scratch you should check this out.

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