Disney Got Fox’s Corners, So Now What Comic Book Stories Do We Want?

We got a wishlist and Disney needs to listen up

Yes, it finally happened. Disney went checking through the couch cushions and found $52 Billion dollars lying around so that they could buy the majority of 21st Century Fox’s business. So while there is a ton of other high-stakes ramifications from this, we Black Nerd Problems, yo. Our immediate thought was finally, now the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost complete! Now that X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other franchises got some money put on their books, we can finally stop treating our dream storylines from Marvel Comics like fantasies that will never come true. Here are the storylines we hope the MCU can now make a reality.

So Two Titans Walk Into Wakanda and Ask Where the Vibranium At

Listen, I’ma tell you like a young Shuri told me, this vibranium ain’t loyal. If there’s anything I want now that the MCU is being made whole, it’s gotta be that Doomwar. That’s right, take me back to Wakanda, fam. Hit me with that lore of Dr. Doom and his Doombots trying to take out the whole bloodline. Show me King T’Challa up in that ICU fighting for his life. SHOW ME STORM GOING TO THE AFTERLIFE WITH NO GUARANTEE OF COMING BACK FIGHTING TO SAVE HER HUSBAND FROM DEATH.


Shuri’s ascension to Black Panther. Fighting with warring tribes of Wakanda. The T’Challa rebirth and diving into questionable mystic arts. Your boy lost round one to Doom, but he been back in the spiritual gym, experimenting with different planes of existence getting ready for that rematch. Not to mention you get a great Deadpool appearance as he’s running with the Midnight Angels, the elite black ops squad of the Dora Milaje.

But you know what needs to happen for all of this to be a success. You gotta get an Oscar-worthy performance from Dr. Doom. Doom not only initiates and masterminds this whole battle against Wakanda in an effort to steal the vibranium, but we see perhaps one of the best villain moments period when Doom has to confront who he is down to the bone, and justify his crusade. We talkin’ greatness, people. How has the production of this movie not started already?!?! – William

Saying Mutants is a Half Measure Now

Tell me can I get a Morlocks movie or na?! Like, are you kidding me with these Rock em Sock em RoBarz?!?

“I am Callisto! My brethren have taken the name Morlocks, after H.G. Wells’ rulers of the Underworld. This is our domain. You visit at your own peril, and when you address me, you need a civil tongue in your head—or lose it!” -Callisto

If that isn’t the perfect opening monologue for a movie I don’t know what is! Callisto, the leader of the Morlocks, loves her people. Her outcasts. Her mutants. They may have been forced underground, but this proud family of mutants will not wither and die like the meek. They would need to tweak a few things (like the animated series did) because kidnapping Angel for the sake of finding a perfect prince for the perfect princess wouldn’t exactly fly in 2017. Having the movie focus on the shunned group would be a welcome change up from the same ol’ group of mutants we’ve grown up loving. Don’t get me wrong, you’d still get all the Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and Professor X you need in your life, but it’s about time we give Magneto a little rest.

Can I get Solomon Grundy in the flesh lookin like Sunder out here kidnapping X-Men like all of Liam Neeson’s enemies!? Can I get Nightcrawler laid up in a bubble bath with a young ting?! I’m talkin bout blue fur drippin wet, making the ladies go crazy! Rep that scene straight out the 80s comic so the audience know it’s real. I envision a civil rights movement type of approach for a Morlocks movie. If The Gifted on FOX has taught me anything, it’s that a well written, persecuted group of mutants makes for compelling viewing. The X-Men would do battle with these cats after they snatch up one of their teammates, before soon realizing they’re both fighting a losing battle. They all realize they should be focusing their attention on uniting fellow mutants and showing humans why the Morlocks have every right to live on the surface, just like everyone else. – Ja-Quan

Nobody Wins When the Family Feuds

Now that Fantastic Four‘s rights are back with the house of ideas, I got one request. *Alicia Keys voice* Could we do the unthinkable? That’s probably my favorite story arc from the Fantastic Four series. Back when Doctor Doom was on his real A1 asshole shit. Doom delved more into magic, captured the Fantastic Four, swapped Sue, Ben, and Johnny’s powers with one another to torture them, while trapping Reed and Sue’s son, Franklin Richards in hell (Valeria gets off easy as he carries her around). Like I said, A1 asshole.

The dope part about this is Reed is stuck in a library full of spells and magic. He has all the answers he needs to free himself but his own ego and scientific way of thinking are a hindrance. He can’t comprehend magic or believe in it because he can’t explain it. That’s straight up torture. Even with the help of Doctor Strange, Reed is barely making it. It isn’t until he admits he’s out of his element that he can truly succeed.

I love this storyline. Tell me this wouldn’t be incredible to see in a movie. Say we get 4 movies where each member can take the lead or the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I want the Future Foundation to come through too. This story tho? Seeing one of the top five smartest people of Marvel helpless as hell? That look Reed gives Doom when he’s about to leave his ass in hell?! Doom lying to his face, then the reminder of this specific encounter Doom leaves Reed with as he scars his face with magic?! That’s full circle, baby. That’s the story coming full 360 degree windmill in the paint. – Omar

All the Jokes, Webs and Regeneration You Can Handle

I’m geeked about the potential of Deadpool and Spider-Man. Iron Man probably won’t be around much longer so Peter’s gonna need a new Papa, and who better to fill Tony’s shoes and challenge all the good things he’s tried to sow into Peter than Gives-No-Fucks Wade Wilson?

Peter’s all “I can’t go to Germany. I got homework” when we first met him in Captain America: Civil War. He let his hair down a little in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the sake of being a hero like the one he’s idolized (Iron Man), but Homecoming ended with Peter going back to his good boy ways after learning that heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Thanos doesn’t appear to pull any punches with the young ward per the Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer and depending on how Avengers 4 ends, we’ll most likely wind up with a very different Peter Parker, one scarred by war and loss. He’s going to need someone to make him laugh, help him deal with that trauma, and navigate his future in the new age of heroes. Wade’s the guy.

Since Tom Holland is Spider-Man, the underage version, and Ryan Reynolds is the only Deadpool, I can’t exactly have canon-compliant Spideypool hijinks. Seeing the relationship onscreen is specifically what I’m after, and I’m good with whatever form that takes, but if I had to pick a story, I’d replace ‘Dormammu’ from Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 with Mac Gargan to follow Homecoming continuity.

I’m imagining Spider-Man and Deadpool (I’ll let Marvel Studios figure out how Wade gets involved in high school antics) getting caught by Gargan, AKA Scorpion, strung up by their heels, front to front, thinking of how to get out of the enemy’s clutches. Deadpool makes crass jokes, albeit tame by his standards since Peter’s a kid. In other words, he’s not flirting with him. He’s seconds from driving Peter insane though, but in the nick of time, they escape to regroup.

A rooftop come-to-Jesus moment ensues with Deadpool admitting that if he had to choose any superhero to be like, he’d want to be like Peter, but alas, he’s too marred and jaded by his bloodlust. They part ways, and Peter is once again left with a lot to chew on regarding what it means to be a hero. So basically in the next Spider-Man installment, I wanna see Deadpool as an unlikely ally of a young Peter. – Tiffany

Going Rogue Never Had This Much Potential

So it’s our time. I don’t want to admit it more than the next person but Disney owns happiness. They own the rights to emotions and the trademark to our hearts’ desires. And if they were doing us dirty, I’d complain but welp… they know how to tell a story goddammit. And there is so much that I am excited for but I gotta rep my alias, Rogue. See as an empath I relate so strongly to her ability to take others’ powers, and her journey to learning how to use and control them. When you feel other people’s feelings it can be so overwhelming and that kind of power can be truly a gift or truly dangerous, so I can relate. Now is a chance to see a Rogue I remember from the animated series, I am ready to see a script and storyline do my girl justice, yes! Her strong, no-nonsense female wit and commanding ability is what I remember as a kid and I can’t wait to see who they would cast, what they would do–reboot it up!

Besides Rogue and Gambit’s beautiful relationship, if we get a chance to see all Rogue’s backstories, that means her relation to Mystique too! Rogue being the “adopted” daughter of Mystique made that turmoil between Xavier and Magneto real personal. Plus we could get a proper Mystique!!! Even if it’s a Disney streaming original–I’m down.

I don’t care. At this point it’s not even a reboot! It’s a DO RIGHT! Her struggle was real, always warring between having this amazing gift and the torture of not knowing human touch and her dance with the temptations of a cure. Plus her Southern accent and candid personality were what made Rogue a hero to me. AND I always have a soft spot for Rogue and Gambit… So we gonna get this Gambit movie popping now?? I’m hype for all the X-Men to be reborn! – Aisha

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