Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

Grhmmmmm. That’s how I’m starting this review off. Rapper growl so you know this shit is real. Kelly Thompson gives us Madam Masque’s endgame meeting with Kate Bishop. Bishop is face-to-face with her father, who is also a prisoner of Masque (due to a double cross on her part) and is quick to get to the business. She asks her father if he’s responsible for her mother’s death. Yeeeeeesh, that’s a whole ‘nother monster in and of itself. Thompson and Romero give us a contrast for the typical father-daughter relationship.

There’s no better Kate Bishop (aside from snarky, smartass Kate Bishop) than when she is on the warpath. When Kate Bishop starts giving out discounts for ass whoopings, Leonardo Romero makes them sing in spreads. That’s gotta be considered a great staple for this book by now, right? You know it’s a dope issue when you see that spread of people getting their faces rocked. I just need that to be a thing that’s known. Leonardo Romero makes this book stand out so much on the shelf man (especially with that Jordie Bellaire inking).

I won’t get into the final confrontation between Masque and Kate but it’s so good. There could have been more on the fighting element but it’s pretty great as is. Especially with how upset Kate Bishop is? Yeah, yeah this is peak Hawkeye right here. There’s a lot left up in the air after this confrontation but we get a newly focused Kate Bishop. What’s funny is that although Masque was in a cloned Kate Bishop body, she didn’t really do much to mess up Kate’s life. I feel that there’s more there that we’re not getting (possibly intentionally). Thompson knows what she is doing man, how many more times I gotta say this? Fraction and Aja couldn’t have wished for a better successor for the Hawkeye series than with Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. This is how you pass the baton and fucking run the distance with it.

9.7 tacos (From 43rd st, New York) out of 10

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