A new One Piece Holiday Special is coming in December!

The official One Piece website announced that a new special is premiering on December 19th. The special is called “One Piece – Adventure of Neburandia ~” and it features the return of an entertaining group of enemies, The Foxy Pirates. For those of you who don’t read or watch One Piece, the Foxy Pirates are a pirate crew who challenged Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates to a Davy Back fight, a series of games between 2 pirate crews to win each other’s crew mates.

The Davy Back fight featured a roller skating contest (not cannon), a boat race, and a game called “Groggy Ring,” which had a surprisingly great fight with Sanji and Zoro going against a few of the Foxy Pirate crew. It all culminated with Luffy, the Straw Hat captain, doning an afro wig and fighting the Foxy Pirates’ captain in a boxing match. The Davy Back fight was a fun arc with some good fights and hilarious interaction between the two pirate crews. This new special should be just as entertaining.

This is a completely new story that takes place on “Devil Fruit blocking” fog island — an island where a fog makes it impossible for anyone to use their Devil Fruit powers. The plot includes a few new Foxy Pirate crew mates, one of them being a genius, and Sanji and Zoro eating some weird shrooms and getting thrown in jail, with the rest of the Straw Hat pirates chasing after them.

This special should be a fun time like the other One Piece specials so don’t forget to check it out when it’s available! One Piece has consistently been funny, full of action, and full of heart since its first chapter and this special shouldn’t be anything less.

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