‘Ants’ Web Comic Just Wants To Get These Jokes Off

Ants Vol 3

Everyone has certain things they want from a comic to grab their attention Certain ingredients that make the comic right for you taste. Me? You throw in the right amount of pop culture nods, obscure references or random jokes, and you got me. I am all the way there for it. When coming across Julian Lytle’s (who first saw on Longboxes on 22’s) Ants webcomic, I was curious at first after seeing the opening scene where a character agrees with Trump’s extreme vetting. I knew there had to be a turn coming but upon seeing the turn I wasn’t expecting to feel so damn seen once he said he just wanted to use it for making sure someone can be handed the aux cord.

I was instantly laughing at this and knew it was going to be a fun ride exploring the rest of this volume. Ants Vol. 3 offers satire that Lytle lays on display as a buffet. Each page serves as a different story much like Sunday comic strips but as I read them, for me, they played out like quick skits. What I really enjoyed about reading through this volume, were the different topics at hand. Many of them were topical but there were others that truly felt evergreen. Lytle has a talent for storytelling as well as taking the little mundane things people do or talk about and shining a spotlight on them through humor and comedy. There’s even humor and little pop culture easter eggs in the descriptions for the main characters Traz, Trak, Skud, and Fud.

Ants Vol 3

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure I’ve ever related more to a panel than the one posted above. Again, I feel so damn seen. Lytle’s take on satire is timely and introspective for the characters as well. You can tell (with this panel) this is the writer looking in on themselves. Lytle’s topicals and perspectives stem from (simply put) real world and adulthood shit. Which is the perfect foundation to set this webcomic upon in order to get these satirical jokes off. It’s dope to have a webcomic that focuses on a comedic element and is more conversational than action-packed.

If you liking what you’re seeing, you can get a copy of Ants from Gumroad. Follow Ltyle on Twitter  and see more of the Ants here.

                  8.4 Actual Laughs Out Loud
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