Action Comics #1010 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Steve Epting / DC Comics

Action Comics came out and we’re that much closer to figuring out who Leviathan is and what they want. I guess, kinda. Issue #1010 is the fourth part of the Leviathan Rises story. The main take away from this issue is that “Oh my God! Chaz was Superman the entire time!?” is the funniest sentence I read all week and I have no idea why. Superman and Lois are investigating Spyral under the guises of Chaz and Wanda. They meet up with a familiar face from Nightwing: Agent of Spyral before a little action comes their way.

Meanwhile, the greatest sitcom is unfolding in the Fortress of Solitude. Amanda Waller shoots the shit with Kelex (she totally gives him props for his administrative abilities) when lovable Jimmy Olsen inconspicuously approaches her with his camera. As you can imagine, she is not having it. Lastly, Director Bones is with the FBI as Kate Spencer comes to speak with him after a “friend of a friend of a friend” gave her a call. It would seem, though, that this isn’t a typical offer of counsel.

Action Comics #1010

There’s nothing to say about Epting’s art that hasn’t already been said. The man knows his way around a comic. It’s easy to forget how high the quality of the book’s art is when it comes with such consistency. One criticism I have is really a problem with comics in general. Without distinguishing features or costumes it can be hard to differentiate and identify characters. One character is dramatically revealed walking away from a crime scene and I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to know who it is but it’s just a nondescript pretty woman with long, dark hair (Talia?).

Action Comics #1010

This issue has the potential to hit readers two different ways. There are quite few nods to DC history. If you’re not familiar with D.E.O or Checkmate (I’m not) some of the comic feels like it’s supposed to spark a reaction, but it’s lost on you. But if you’re familiar with Spyral (I am) the reveal of a character is fun and exciting. Alternatively, there are characters I’m not familiar with that I’ve been enamored with in these few issues (I just want to give Bones’ xenophobic ass a hug). It’s a credit to Bendis how many directions he’s able to take this story and have it still feel coherent and compelling. Next issue has the potential to be crazy dramatic because I have good reason to think Superman’s going to be pissed! See you next comic!

8 “Bony Heart Attacks” out of 10

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