Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Oliver Coipel

I’ve been commenting on how its been since Peter got back. I was talking with Will as well who shuttered say, “To be honest I—-I actually kinda miss Superior Spider-Man”. That’s that harsh shit right there bruh. I cosigned it tho, it just felt like we saw Parker on some day to day errands thus far. The best issue being his come back and when Kamala Khan appeared on the track. Now that the Spider-Verse event has kicked off, Dan Slott is sayin, “Oh you thought I was play pimping? You thought it was a game? *lets go off leashes and releases the hounds* THE HOUNDS IS OUT NOW MUTHA #^@^#^”.


I feel like this is the first issue deep deep into Spider-Verse. Let me tell you this shit went from kale salad sauteed steak with caramelized onions covered with a light hibiscus glaze….and some fucking paprika. This was a hardy ass meal of an issue. From the recruitment of Miles Morales and Jessica Drew from the ultimate universe, to the first throw down with Daemos, then Superior Spider-Man showing up with his own army, finding out there is a Spider-Monkey (who was shocked to see there was a Spider-Pig[the comment on that was GLORIOUS]). We found out a bit of what makes Kane (the other), Silk (the bride) so important. A now classical alternate version of a highly memorable character was revealed. This issue was straight up fucking nuts and I loved it.

This is the shit I been waiting for. It’s funny because you’d think that this would be such a played out overhaul with all these alternate spider-men and spider-women but it really isn’t…it’s fucking hilarious. They all have a sense of humor even in the dire situations and we see the ones that don’t who vary. This issue was also important as we see a bunch of side story lines that will be taking place in other spider titles. The clones on a mission over in The Scarlet Spider-Man’s book, Silk and Spider-Woman over in Spider-Woman’s book, etc.

Slott is bringing that heat man, Coipel’s art as well. The art feels very cosmic and dark. The reader gets a true sense of this event being on such a grand scale and that it will be a milestone in Spider-Man history. This is the Peter Parker in action we been waiting on.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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