Why Does An Anime Called ‘Batman Ninja’ Look Lit AF?!

Say word Batman trying to join the Uchiha Clan
  • Um…What?

    Look, even I, unofficial BNP Bat-family Affiliate, Bruce Wayne apologists. He who has survived Val Kilmer and animated Justice League Dark. Even I can admit there is way too much Batman out there. Even I, who still argues for possible and plausible ways for Batman to beat super-powered villains when his main super power is his trauma and trust fund. Yes, even I can say enough already. Give that budget to another DC superhero, hell, give it to another Bat-family member.

    But, um…what?

    Can we, talk, earnestly about this Batman Ninja Trailer? And by talk earnestly, can we put aside out Batman slander for one gotdamn second and acknowledge how lit this shit looks? I know every six months we get some “Batman like we’ve never seen him before” flick or show but yo, literally, this is some “Batman like we’ve never seen him before” shit. At least, not with this kind of production.


    So, from what I can gather, Batman was pursuing Joker when Joker popped the trunk on some interdimensional time travel shit and went back to feudal Japan. By the time Bats gets there, Joker up in here ruling that muthafucka as Lord Joker. WHAT?! And we got all the villains and Bat-family here too)? WHAT?! [I ain’t see Cassandra Cain doe but don’t even get me started on that] On the surface, yeah, I wouldn’t be trying to hear about no Batman Sensei. But seeing is muthafuckin’ believing, yo. It’s an anime dream team of creators on hand so I guess we need to take this shit seriously.

    For real doe, I had no idea that I needed to see an anime rendered fight between Catwoman and Harley Quinn, but apparently I did cuz now I need more. Or evil Joker samurai masks. Or Deathstroke with the four barrel ballistics. Or Tim Drake with a top knot. Or Grodd looking like a great young Lord of a House. Or that Kamikaze Samurai Joker Battle Cry. Like, what is even happening here and why can’t I see more of it now?

    I know, “Batman Ninja“. Shit sound like a straight up joke. Shit sound like something one of your Batman hating homies throws out there to articulate that they’re sick of Batman movies. What’s next, Batman Ninja?

    Actually, yes, muthafucka, that’s exactly what’s next. HERE FOR IT.

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