Avengers #30 Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman; art: Leinil Francis Yu

Dare I say, this Avengers book has been pretty damn good of late. It comes as a bit of surprise to me since time travelling is neither a fresh or consistently successful venture in comic books recently, but the character beats, especially the older counterparts of our heroes make this interesting and worth sticking around for. There’s all kinds of nice tidbits, but the older Hawkeye definitely steals the show as he’s both the Hawkeye we know and a little bit more mature as well.

As the characters from the the future are interesting in their brief moments, it also begs the question if we’ll ever see them again considering the Avengers keep barrelling further and further into the future. And of course there’s the bit where this is still being billed as an Original Sin tie-in which has no earthly attachment to the crossover event thus far. Which I’m actually ok with as I like this story as it stands would be let down by some convoluted tie in two to three issues down line.

An interesting, if brief entry into the Avengers as the book becomes a little bit more compelling as the action slows some and the interesting people talk. While there’s no significant attachment to Original Sin story line, it still leaves me curious for the next entry.


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