Avengers #54 Review

Avengers #54

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Juan Frigeri / Marvel Comics

I’m not a fan of joining in on the “Jason Aaron is doing a terrible job on the Avengers” crowd that I see in many online forums, but something about this issue rubbed me the wrong way. This idea of canon vs. taking liberties with characters and their history or origin is always a tough debate. Thor’s parentage is the biggest example of this right now and Avengers #54 really forces you to choose sides, and it should be interesting to see how the comic book world feels after it’s all said and done.

One of my main problems with Avengers #54 is the use of the villains. It seems like there’s no direction or logical use of Doom Supreme’s Masters of Evil. I wouldn’t hate finding out about Doom’s plan to sporadically throw different villains at our heroes, but the use of this issue’s corrupted Thor seems like Aaron doing his best to make this son of a Phoenix change more palatable.

Avengers #54

The thing that does intrigue me is the mental chess match happening between Mephisto and Doom Supreme. The Orb will undoubtedly play a part in either side besting the other, so one of the upcoming issues of Avengers should shed more light on this cordial beef between devil and sorcerer. Juan Frigeri keeps me coming back to this Avengers book, so I hope he stays on board for a while.

6 “You Can Call Me Captain Rogers” out of 10

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