Season 3, Episode 3

Yo, for real, we goin skip through the fluff of this episode so we can jump right into the fucking gangsta shit. This episode was full throttle on the pacing and surprises man. This shit was straight up mid-season finale material but it’s only episode 3. We got cats getting bucked on, thrown out windows, electrocuted, stabbed, catching bullets and just getting fucking merked. We haven’t seen an episode this physical in a long ass while on Banshee. Pull up a fucking seat cause I promise…

When we last left “Sheriff Hood” he was on the wrong end of a glock. That glock belonging to special agent Robert Phillips. Phillips puts the screws to Hood (see what I did there?) since he read up about him through Agent Racine’s report on his quest to take down Rabbit. Agent Phillips only here to find out what happened to the missing agent. He’s taking Hood back to the city to investigate him. He talking that psychological shit along the way as well. We then see both of them get abducted by men working for Brantley. Brantley is the man “Hood’s” son (Jason) was running from last season. He got some questions about where his money is. Brantley is pretty obese and Hood goes straight for the fucking fat jokes like he playing the dozens. My man proceeds to get his ass duffed with the fisticuffs then electrocuted.

Chayton’s brother been wanting to prove himself to the Redbone cause for dumb long. He took shit into his own hands and went up in Proctor’s strip club causing havoc. However, Brock happened to be there for some …”counseling” and proceed to call it in and then let that glock sing hitting all the high notes as he was merkin Redbone members left and right like… I was going to make an Oregon Trail reference but I’ma just leave it at that. Back up comes as Sibohan takes down Chayton’s bro but bruh-bruh then catches a bullet in the chest from Billy Raven as he tries to stab Sibohan. Yo, Billy knows his ass is about to be as good as dead. My man killed one of his own to protect his partner yo. THAT’S SOME HEAVY PSYCHOLOGICAL SHIT B! The most dope game part is how he honors him in the morgue with the ritual performed in one’s death custom to their culture.


After a fabricated lie gets Hood off the hook. Brantley decides to have his boys drop off the agent and kill him along side the highway (Brantley’s office is basically the cargo haul on Optimus Prime. He keep it Mobile) before taking Hood back to Banshee to get his loot. Hood escapes, fucks up Brantley (literally dumped his ass out a trap door to his death), then goes off into the woods to save agent Philips, leaving them all square. It’s nice to see that as ruthless as he can be Hood is still about doing the right thing for the people he knows deserves it… however there was still a price to pay as Agent Phillips left a little insurance policy in case he didn’t make it.

Sun… Hood’s deputy Siobhan got the tape of Hood being interviewed when he got caught. She knows now yo…ain’t no coming back from that shit.


This was actually early on in the episode and we had no fucking warning whatsoever. We see Proctor’s body guard Clay Burton cleaning up from the Redbone attack that happened at the house. I dunno why the body guard gotta be the one to clean the pool with all that dough Proctor got but whatever. Clayton was minding his own business staring at an ear in the garbage, reminiscing bout the mutha fucka that tried to test him when outta nowhere THEM (TOMA)HAWKS WAS OUT!!

NOLA FUCKING LONGSHADOW HITTING THE THREE FROM THE SHADOWS YOUNG!!! What the fuck?!?! We thought we had some time before she made her way on Proctor and his niece. She wasn’t even trying to be sneaky about it like previous cats did she straight up went for the buzzer beater tomahawk toss. She dealing with Clay Burton the tax accountant by day and gutter gutter hitman by night. IT IS FUCKING ON!!!!!

*Good Ol’ Jim Ross commentator voice* NOLA BOMAYE! NOLA BOMAYE! Nola Long shadow is taking it to Clay Burton. Clay literally slammed the Cadillac door on her, put her head through a window, and this woman is still coming at him like she read his problematic youtube comments on that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Ted Talk. She done made Clay take off the glasses tho! DON’T LET THAT MAN TAKE OFF THE GLASSES! NOLA DON’T YOU LET CLAY TAKE OFF THEM GLASSES AND POP THE TRUNK! DON’T LET’EM DO IT NOLA!!!

I’m not even going show yall how it ends man yo gotta tune in for that. All I’m going to say is this was hands down the episode the streets been wanting. Nola Longshadow going down as one of the most G’d up from the fleek up female characters to even punch in on the clock. This that shit I been needing from Banshee. This is the shit I be tuning in for. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let them Rics Flair man.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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  • Big Mike #Banshee

    Wooooooooooooo. Straight Carnage!

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