Banshee Recap: We Were All Somone Else Yesterday

Season 3 / Episode 6 / Cinemax

I ain’t even gotta jokes for you to open this week up with. Banshee went from 0-9,000 real quick last week. We’re dealing with the fall out right now and shit is serious man. The show runners are telling us “You gotta be this hard as a muh fucka to ride this ride” for the pace they’ve set with Banshee. Things have slowed down this episode but not for “Lucas Hood” nah man. I watched that opening scenes thinking my body was ready but…

We’re back in Banshee aka #NoChillCity at the funeral for Siobhan Kelly just in time to watch the casket drop. Yall know damn well her tombstone reads “Here Lies Siobhan Kelly. Died a Bae. Buried a G”. The Most unofficial official Officer in the game Hood is in his car looking on as Brock stops by to tell him, “Yo this town needs a Sheriff and what I need is for you to be ready to ride the fuck out on Chayton”. Man, Hood is going the fuck through it tho. My man having R&B white & black flashbacks anayzing how all this coulda been avoided. How he could’a saved the real Lucas Hood’s life in that standoff and then leave well enough alone so that Carrie would still be with her family. Then he starts thinking bout Siobhan…. Arghhhh we can’t talk about her yet too soon. TOO SOON!!

You know the worst part is he going have to clean all that shit up, right? There was still some food on that table he flipped. I was watching this scene thinking, “I feel for ya… but that’s how you get ants.” All I’m saying.

Proctor is going through his own ordeal as last week’s shoot out deathbed-blocked him from being present as his mom passed. We then see him getting consoled by his mom’s caretaker Emily…which then went from consoling to TLC’s Red Light Special early.

Meanwhile Rebecca is busy firing rounds at the glass ceiling as she gets the strip club in order, adding bread and breakfast portion to the menu then firing a dude for non compliance with the her as new management. My man tried to be slick with the shit talk and she took the “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan 2×4 to the back of his medulla oblongota twice. Then proceeded to speak for Proctor and tell some business partners from Philly that wanted an increase at a discount & exclusivity on guns.

Rebecca: Discount? You see a sign that says Walmart anywhere in this piece? Come in here talking bout discount. We talking guns then we talking influx in price and Proctor selling to whoever.

Carrie tags Job in to come and talk to his boy Hood as he enters the bar. Hood got the thousand yard stare on and Job aka Top 5 best friends dead or alive is there telling Hood, “Fuck with me, you know I got it.”

You see that look in Hood’s eyes! Season one Hood back! Bunker aka American History X comes in to tell Hood the FBI done set up show in their precinct and they got a location on Chayton. Gordon comes by to tell Hood to place nice to which he does for now. The FBI the set up shop in the reservation and are about to go in and Splinter Cell Chayton Littlestone by any guns, glocks, and choppas necessary. Amy wants to make sure this isn’t an execution and FBI dude is like, “I mean I’ma try to bring him in alive buuuuut my reference to guns seems the more likely answer to how this will play out soooooooooooooooo.” Hood steps in like “what the fuck we talking tho Amy?”

Hood: You know he broke her neck right?
Amy: She was my friend too but I’m say-
Hood: He broke her neck like a fucking Twix Amy! Like it was a piece of a god damn Kit-Kat bar. Like it was a freaking Slim Jim! Do you get what I’m saying here or do I need to do the Macho Man Randy Savage voice and catchphrase as well? Bring him in alive… talking like you in a Snicker’s commercial cause you must not be your damn self right now.

We catch a glimpse of Deva falling into a bad crowd (again) which serves as proof that Banshee needs a D.A.R.E. program like now. Carrie also sees her former boy toy as he stops at her job for one more attempt to quench the thirst trap he stuck in. But noooooooooooooooooooooooope that aint happening. Carrie was able to swipe his hand print as well as record his voice for the Heist. Sun Carrie is a fucking monster yo. She hands Job the assets saying, “Oh whatever you hear on that recorder…don’t judge me. I did it for the vine”.

At the strip club Clay Burton bring Rebecca into Proctor’s office with Kai back in his boss chair showing Rebecca that he got a new bulletproof glass ceiling installed just for her. Kai then informs her they will be taking the offer from the folks from Philly then has her apologize to them thus shutting her whole Boss Ass Chick movement doooooooooooooooown. She storms out and yall know Clay was off screen with the cold “Republicans voting against Obama care” face on the outside but on the inside he was like….


The hunt for Chayton is on. Hood breaks away from the rest of the pack and meets Job to get his all black everything hoodie and silencer. They go into this shit as a two man squad and run up on Chayton with the realness. Hood could’a shot him in his sleep instead, he wakes him up and proceeds to play operation with Chayton’s leg stabbing it with a knife while tell’in him “Shhhhhhhh–shhhhh-you good… you good *twists knife*“.


Chayton screams which has everything unravel, a dude comes in fighting Job as Chayton and Hood face off. Job put dude in a fucking armbar and was aiming dude’s gun to shoot at Chayton. Again Job is the best fucking friend in the game. Chayton escapes and Hood is in pursuit. Amy has Chayton dead to rights and doesn’t pull the trigger on’em. He starts giving her the undertaker choke-slam choke hold and was about to do the slam portion when Hood fired off at’em. Chayton ain’t fond of the white man but he sure paid homage to Harrison Ford in “The Fugitive” cause he dove off the cliff into the waters below. Meanwhile Hood looking at Amy like, “Word?… just goin’ let dude get you in a WWF signature move? Okay”.

The episode ends with more of Hood looking back in hindsight on what could have been had he just played it a bit smarter and acted a bit quicker. Again, the real Hood would be alive, Carrie would be fine and Siobhan… I said god damn, Siobhan would still be around as the queen of baes. Maybe not this Hood’s bae but she’d be alive, which is what’s important.


But that’s all in the past now as we see Hood having to pick up the pieces of what’s left behind with his life now and the pieces of dishes and food he tossed all over the place cause Siobhan might be gone but he know how to act up in her spot. Besides gone or not Siobhan ain’t fucking with any ants, so hood gets the cleaning.

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    Hood: He broke her neck like a fucking Twix Amy! Like it was a piece of a god damn Kit-Kat bar. Like it was a freaking Slim Jim! Do you get what I’m saying here or do I need to do the Macho Man Randy Savage voice and catchphrase as well? Bring him in alive… talking like you in a Snicker’s commercial cause you must not be your damn self right now.


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