Batman Eternal #28 Review

Writer(s): Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seely
Artist: Meghan Hetrick

Well, Batman Eternal has been on something of a roll (a shaky one with somewhat questionable art but still) as it depicts the Fall of Gotham at the hands of Batman’s old nemesis, Hush. The multiple plotlines have been given much more form and direction now that the big picture has come into clarity. But what does Scott Snyder’s master plan have in store for the future of other characters aside from the Bat and his proteges?

Issue 28 has Tim Seeley on scripting duties as we drop in on Batgirl paying top cop turncoat, Jason Bard a rather unpleasant visit. You know what? Come to think of it, when exactly did Batgirl get so gangster? It’s like one day she’d just had enough of everyone’s shit and took a page straight out of Batman Begins. Anyway, before heading back to Obscurity, USA with the Outlaws in that other title, Red Hood decides to drop in on Batgirl one last time to deliver an important lesson. Meanwhile, Catwoman finds herself at the mercy of the Gotham Underworld’s bigwigs when she receives and assist from Killer Croc who has his own debts to settle.

Ideally, this SHOULD have been the most interesting part of the book considering that it takes up many more pages but, with the exception of its resolution, it felt sort of rushed. But it still deserves to be commended for a). the direction it’s taken Catwoman in and b). highlighting Killer Croc as more of a Hulk-like antihero. Meghan Hetrick’s art offers up a very cartoonish vibe that, surprisingly enough, serves the book’s purposes very well. The throwdown between Batman, Catwoman and the Underworld’s gangster felt very fun and kinetic. Hetrick did a great job of capturing Jason Todd’s aloof but slightly insane attitude. I’d absolutely be excited to see more of her work on this book in later issues.

Bottom Line: Pretty decent issue for tying off a couple of long hanging sideplots and opening up some opportunities for long time characters. 7.5 out of 10.


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