Black Science #7 Review

writer: Rick Remender / artist: Matteo Scalera & Dean White

I imagine that Matteo Scalera on pencils and Dean White on color are having a fucking ball writing this comic. With the jumps to strange alternate worlds where dinosaur looking creatures are intelligent, yet war mongering beings with a penchant for sacrifices and giant fish that traverse the land like stallions, they are given a seemingly blank check for just how creative they can be. What I’m saying is that this book looks incredible and I’m not sure these cats get enough credit. The pace of the book is frantic and chaotic, a kinetic energy pulses from the moment we see the arena and never seems to let up until you reach the (literal) cliffhanger ending.

It’s been an interesting couple of months for Remender, big interesting announcements in some places, dealing with questionable themes in others, but I have missed the tight story telling of Black Science. It always feel like the plot is pulled taut like a string instrument, each pluck so delicate, yet causes such a ripple effect for everyone involved. This is a great callback to the very first issue too, where we saw our dearly departed Grant in media res, frantically racing to get back to his kids with his thoughts framing each action segment. In this new arc, it is Kadir telling the story of his origin, working so contrary to the actual action on page, that it feels as if it slows the action down in the best kind of way.

This book is a work of art and has been since it’s first issue. We are without who we thought was our primary protagonist in the first arc to a new protagonist who seemed like the antagonist in the first six issues? Got all that? If not, you should go back and read from the beginning because its worth it. And if you do get it, go back and read from the beginning anyway. Still worth it.


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